Chinese Club: More Than 150 Members, Multiple Activities


Frannie Wied, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Chinese Club has been a part of Notre Dame for many years and allows students to experience Chinese culture and traditions.  

Mr. Yang, Mandarin teacher at NDA, is the moderator of the club and works closely with student president Elise Lin. 

This year the club boasts more than 150 students and meets monthly to yearly depending on the activities they have planned. 

Numerous activities are a hallmark of the club, and past events range from lessons about different aspects of Chinese culture to fun games and activities. There are competitions like the Ping Pong Tournament, and the club enjoys Chinese food during the New Year Celebration. 

Other activities in past years included cooking lessons, martial arts, Chinese films and calligraphy.

The goal of Chinese Club is to experience Chinese culture along with being interested and receptive to different cultures. 

“The Chinese Club goal is to provide the opportunity for NDA students to experience Chinese culture, promote the understanding of Chinese culture and traditions and learn to be open-minded,” said Mr. Yang. 

Chinese Club is unique from others at NDA in ways such as language, religion, art, codes of manner, and dress. Chinese Club offers the opportunity for students to experience these things along with all aspects of Chinese culture. 

Mr. Yang’s personal favorite part of the club is the appreciation he receives and the enjoyment from the students. 

“Students have fun in these activities, and they appreciate your time and effort,” said Mr. Yang.