Q & A with Adam Rudar . . . Teaching, Family, Anime, & More


Adam Rudar

Rudar, left, hugging his son.

Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Q: How long have you been teaching at NDA? Teaching in general?

A: This is year 16 for me at NDA.  My first year I taught part time.  The year before that I actually subbed for my home districts.

Q: Hobbies?

A: Mostly my hobbies currently are taking care of my pets.  But during the summer I am looking forward to doing some artwork and creative projects.  I picked up some alcohol paints for painting on glass, I have a few watercolor projects and I want to restart my oil color that I stopped years ago.  I have also been learning a little Japanese… I need to dive back into that.

Q: Why do you enjoy teaching?

A: I love working with students – it is exciting to be able to share in the experience of learning.  I also love the content I teach; it is fun to actually explore and share about things I am passionate about.

Q: How have your young children shaped your life for the past couple of years?

A: Oh my gosh,  they have fundamentally changed everything in my life.  In regards to school, I used to be able to work on stuff at night and on weekends… and although I still have to make that happen, it is a lot more difficult to manage.  I love spending time with my own kids and now they occupy a lot of my time.

Q: As an IB teacher, why do you think the IB program is beneficial for students?

A: Hmmm… I do think there are a lot of benefits… the most important would probably be that the IB program really pushes our students to become better students.  It trains you how to be better learners.  The rigor and projects that it requires helps you grow substantially in your abilities.  Also, it compares you to other students the world over.  It is not just my grading as a teacher that matters… it is an outside evaluation of your performance.

Q: I am aware that you are the host of the school’s Anime Club. What about hosting that club do you enjoy and why do you host it?

A: I love anime.  It has incredible storytelling.  The animation is amazing to me.  I also like fantasy and sci-fi, so there are some phenomenal animes in this genre.  Hosting the club is fun because of being able to talk about things with the students.  Watching anime is great, but it is often the conversations about what people like and why they like it that is most impactful and enjoyable.

Q: Any plans for the summer?

A: I am planning on taking a break and maybe doing some hobbies.  I have several things planned with the kids.  The reality is that I’m burned out big time.  This has been a very tough year.  

Q: Which of your classes this year have you enjoyed teaching the most?

A: I’m lucky in that regard.  I like all of the classes I teach – I don’t have a topic or group that I don’t like.  Certain hours can be more of a challenge depending on the personalities and time of day, but I still enjoy them.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give any students wanting to take your class what would it be and why? 

A: The biggest advice would be to do the work.  I know that sounds silly, but that really is it.  If you do the work and keep up, things talked about in class will make more sense and we can work through anything that you are struggling with.  Also, then there is no late work or missing assignments.  Zeros are grade killers.  I think my reputation is that I am a pretty good teacher, but I am going to make you do what you need to do.