Julie Campbell “Humbled” by Golden Apple Nomination


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“I am humbled by the nomination and thankful,” said Golden Apple Award nominee Mrs. Julie Campbell.

Campbell is one of three outstanding teachers at NDA who have been nominated for the award this year. Mrs. Denise Percival and Mrs. Caitlin VandenWyngaard are the other stellar nominees that deserve to be celebrated.

The Golden Apple honors teachers that strive for excellence, professionalism, leadership, creativity and innovation in their classrooms. The program’s goal is to highlight teachers that show the true spirit of teaching in a world where standout teachers go unnoticed.

Students, parents, educators and other members of the community are responsible for nominating the teacher they feel best aligns with the program’s values. 

While Campbell is humbled for her nomination, she would like the entire NDA community to appreciate the hard-working school faculty.

“It is awkward to be surrounded by so many amazing teachers who did not get the recognition they deserve. NDA has too many excellent teachers to only have three nominated for this award,” said Campbell.

Campbell, who has now taught at NDA for 30 years, said her career started as a park attendant for the Green Bay Park and Recreations. It was there where she fell in love with working with kids and young adults.

“It was also a very family friendly career, and I knew I wanted to work, but I also wanted children,” commented Campbell.

She further said her father inspired her to enter the field of education, as he was a teacher at NWTC. One of her high school teachers also inspired her to become a teacher.

“Mrs. Sue Nelson was my high school physics teacher, and I specifically remember how much more prepared I was in college than my classmates.”

Before coming to NDA, Campbell was a long-term substitute that worked at many of the local public schools. She currently teaches history and child development, and has a major in Broadfield Social Sciences, with history being the main course in that degree.

Principal Andrea Hearden commented on Campbell’s achievement, saying, “Her dedication to her students and NDA is second to none. The Child and Family classes that she teaches have always been popular with students because she provides a personal perspective along with exceptional student-centered teaching strategies.”

Those strategies include notes, videos, group work and reflections. Campbell said she likes to “incorporate many different learning styles into one lesson,” as it creates a diversified learning environment.

She shared her favorite part about her job is the social commentary it brings.

“The conversations with my students and my coworkers keep me energized,” said Campbell.

She also mentioned the job has helped her stay up to date with current events, and that learning for her is just as enjoyable as teaching.

“Even though I’m much older, she is the wisest woman I know,” said English teacher Carolyn Brown. “I appreciate, like everyone else here at NDA, all she does for the students–from supporting athletics to leading the Academy Awards to serving on staff committees to always having interesting, upbeat classes. We’re really lucky to have her here.”

Mrs. Hearden summed it up best by saying, “We are blessed to have Mrs. Campbell in our community.”