Musical Crew Enjoys Their Role, Builds a Community


Riley Guyette, Editor-in-Chief, Online Tritonian

This year’s musical, The Little Mermaid, is only a few days away, and many are working day and night to perfect the show.

One such group of people is the stage crew—those who work behind the scenes to set the stage. 

This year saw the recruitment of many new members to the crew—many of whom are freshmen. 

Sophomore Izzy Jackson is one such new member. 

Stage crew was perfect for her, for she wanted to be part of the musical but not a part of the cast. 

So far the sophomore has enjoyed meeting new people she may not have met otherwise and watching actors being themselves in one moment then immediately switching into their characters in the next. 

“You get to see a side of everyone that you didn’t know existed,” she said. 

On top of learning more about those around her, it is clear that Jackson is enjoying every aspect of being part of the crew. 

“The whole environment behind the stage is wonderful,” she explained. “It is so friendly. You get to see all the props that are going to be moved on and off the stage. And don’t even get me started on the costumes. Every costume is just so pretty.”

At first, the crew was a bit stressful for the new member, who said, “A lot of time and patience goes into the whole process, but after the first 2 or so days of running the show are done, it gets so much easier.”

While some are experiencing this for the first time, others, like senior Abigail Flaten, have gone through this process before.

“I have been coming to NDA musicals since I was a little kid and have always wanted to be involved, so I finally joined the crew for the first time last year,” she said. “It was one of the best decisions I have made in my high school career.” 

Flaten has fond memories of her experience with the show last year.

“My favorite memory is from last year’s production of Footloose when the stage crew would always dance along with the cast while we were watching backstage,” explained the senior. “After watching rehearsals a few times you become very familiar with the choreography, so we would have our own little performances behind the scenes.” 

Another student with fond memories of Footloose is junior Amanda Hofacker, who is also in her second year on the crew. 

Both she and Flaten agree that one of the greatest aspects of the crew is the community. 

She explained, “The musical community is a great one, and you can truly be yourself because no one is judging you.” 

Senior Evie Rickards, this year’s stage manager, has been a member of the crew for all four of her high school years and has been working backstage since she was in the third grade.

The stage manager is essentially the head of the stage crew and helps to assist the director and make recommendations for the show. 

Rickards has made many memories over her four years, but one of her favorites was “lip syncing to songs with the rest of the cast and stage crew.”

It is clear that among the stage crew there is a strong sense of community.