Freshman Tinamarie Coronado: Jr. Miss Galaxy in Our Midst


Lily Arkens, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Freshman Tinamarie Coronado was crowned Jr. Miss Galaxy last August in McAllen, Texas. 

The Jr. Miss Galaxy Pageant is part of the Galaxy International Pageant. It is a traditional beauty pageant for young girls of all nations between the ages of 6 and 14.

“My pageant coach actually won Miss Galaxy and represented the crown for two years, so she told me to compete,” said Coronado. 

She has been competing in pageants since she was eight months old. 

“My first pageant was at the mall. I’m pretty sure my mom signed me up at the mall, but you can do so many different pageants at that age,” said Coronado. 

At such a young age, there wasn’t much she could do, but it is still the same as other pageants. She wore a little gown and a cute fashion outfit.

Since some kids at this age can walk and others can’t, a parent/guardian will hold their kid and walk showing off the outfit they are wearing. 

The difference about doing it at eight months old is that there is no interview portion. All of that changed for the Jr. Miss Galaxy pageant for girls 12-14 years old.

In the pageant, Coronado is expected to walk in a gown and a fun fashion outfit of her choice. 

“There are judges to judge who walks the best and is the most confident,” said Coronado. 

Another big part of the competition is the interview. Coronado described this as “the most important part and gives the most points.”

The interview is held in a room one-on-one with the judges and a conversation is held where they can ask whatever questions they want to. It is scored based on who they think is best for the title and who can use their words properly. 

“For me, a pageant is a good way to keep me busy and helps me focus on helping my community,” said Coronado. 

She has made lifelong friends from all around the world. 

In order to prepare for the pageants she has to perfect her model walk to make sure she doesn’t walk too fast or too slow.

“You also have to make sure that you can control your walk while being in heels,” said Coronado. 

Coronado has to go pick out a gown and a fun fashion outfit that can be whatever she wants it to be. Once she picks that out, she has to practice walking and posing in it. 

“I also have to do community service work to prove to the judges that I can do things with my title, like help at shelters,” said Coronado. 

Overall, she has a lot she has to do to prepare for it, such as sports. She has to practice to get better. 

“From this experience, I have gained confidence, maturity, kindness, and real-life skills,” said the freshman. 

Moving forward after being crowned, she has the responsibility and opportunity to give back to her community. 

Entering the pageant can be done at the Miss Galaxy Pageants website or on their Instagram and Facebook pages.