Patz to Lead Sophomore Class Next Year

Madison Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The NDA sophomore class president for the 2015-2016 school year is Daniel Patz.

As the class president, Daniel’s plans include always trying his best to hear everyone’s opinions, to stay positive throughout the experience and to plan new and exciting school events. He had the desire to become class president because he truly cares about his class and wants to make their ideas come to life.

Freshman Jack Allen responded with these words when talking about Patz, “Have a nice day everyone!” Many at NDA know Patz because of the kind greetings that they receive from him throughout the day.

Freshman Laken Anderson said, “He is the sweetest young man in the school because he can make anyone’s day just by saying hello.”

“He is one of the friendliest people I have met, always happy, smiling, and in a good mood,”  added freshman Meghan Yakel.

“I was very surprised when everyone started clapping when I stood up on stage,” Daniel said, “because I didn’t think a lot of people knew that I was running. Now, all I have to do is try my best as a leader of my class.”

He said, “I missed the opportunity earlier to become class president and this election was my chance to prove myself a worthy leader and the people chose me.”

Indeed, the people did choose him and are looking forward to having him as their class president next year.