Stephen Lovell Elected Student Body President for 2016-17

Madison Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Student Government recently held elections for student body officers for the 2016-17 school year.

The freshmen, sophomores and juniors chose Stephen Lovell to follow current president Josh Weisner to the highest position in student politics at NDA.

Lovell said, “I am humbled that the student body thought highly enough of me to elect me as president.”

He has wanted to run for student body president since his freshman year because his sister, Mary, inspired him to get involved in student government. His friends at first thought he was joking when he said he was running, but they later realized that Lovell was a good fit and that he was the perfect guy for the job.

Some plans of his for next year include carrying on the traditions and strong academic leadership that make NDA great.

Also, juniors Paige Vaughn and Alex Steber were selected  for next year’s Mermaid and Fanman, the spirit leaders for sporting events. The two will follow in the footsteps of Olivia Moran and Steven Strutt, who were this year’s Mermaid and Fanman.

Many students believe that the Vaughn and Steber duo will be the best NDA has seen yet. They are both extremely outgoing and will hopefully be able to create a fun environment for cheering on their classmates.

“I am really excited to get more involved with the student body,” Vaughn said. “I think Steber and I will come up with a lot of creative themes and cheers to get everyone more involved next year.”

Steber said, “So I can’t play varsity hockey next year?” after being voted into the position as next year’s fanman.

Sophomore Meghan Yakel said, “I think both Steber and Paige will be great at their positions. They are both energetic and positive. They will for sure get every student involved.”

Also, class presidents were selected. The sophomores will be led by Madeline Laaksonen. Simon Neta was voted in as the junior class president for next year, and Will Roach will lead his classmates during their last year of high school.

Sophomore Simon Neta said, “I am excited to represent the Class of 2018 because we need a strong and diverse leader to represent all of the greatness we have. I cannot wait to get started.”

In addition, Jason Revolinsky, junior this year, will be Vice President of Outreach next year. Junior Kelly Hogan won the election for Vice President of Senate. Sophomore Andrew Grusen will be the administrative assistant.

“Student Government is only as strong, as innovative as its leaders,” said Mrs. Carolyn Brown, who served many years as an adviser to the organization.  “Everything that happens at NDA seems to fall under the auspices and onto the shoulders of Student Government.  I’m sure these leaders will do a great job just like the student leaders did this year.”