Student Government Officers Elected for Next School Year

Madison Polack , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With this year coming to a close, elections were recently held for the 2017-2018 school year at NDA. A variety of different roles for next year were decided, including t student body president, class presidents, Fanman, Mermaid, vice president of senate, vice president of outreach and administrative assistant.

The sophomore class president next year is Max Timmer, and the junior class president is Will Templeton. Andrew Gruesen is the senior class president.

The Fanman and Mermaid for next year are Jacob Bongiorno and Maggie Miller.

I’m really excited! I’ve always wanted to be the Mermaid since freshman year. I cannot wait to show NDA pride and win a lot of games this year,” said Miller.

Hans Ernst won VP of senate, and Clare Ravizza won VP of outreach. In addition, Madeline Laaksonen won administrative assistant.

Clare Ravizza said, “I’m really excited to take on this position because I’ve been a part of outreach in the past and I know all the important work it does for school. I’m interested in a couple possible projects for next year, but I also want to hear ideas from NDA students. Amigos de Patzun was one of our most successful fundraisers of late, and that’s because it was an organization that had roots in the NDA community and came directly from NDA students.”

Lastly, student body president for the 2017-2018 school year is Grant Noble. Noble participates in many activities and clubs in school. He is a three-sport athlete, participating in soccer, hockey and tennis.

Junior Laken Anderson said, “I think Grant will make a great student body president. He is always open to everyone’s opinions, thoughts and ideas. He does numerous deeds behind the scenes and will strive to make NDA a better place.”

He applied for this position because he always wanted to be involved in student government.  He feels that he can make positive changes at  the school by upholding NDA’s core values and giving those not in student government a voice.

Noble said, “I’m looking forward to working with all the people in student government. We have a great team of not only teachers, but students too. I am sure we will generate a lot of new ideas that we will be able to pass.”

Next year, he hopes to accomplish many things. For example, he wants to add a new dance to the schedule, change minor dress code issues and work with Fanman and Mermaid to increase student involvement in extracurriculars.

“I really want to make it a memorable year for everyone,” Noble said.