Service Day a Win-Win Activity for Students, for Sites


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Thursday, April 25, all Notre Dame juniors and seniors were sent out all around Green Bay doing acts of service.

I went to the Green Bay Literacy Center with seven other students. We were able to make bookmarks for children who come in and enhance their learning. Multiple adults and children come in and learn English or learn how to enhance their English.

After finishing the bookmarks we went downstairs and cleaned the children’s toys and classrooms. While cleaning we were able to see some adult classes going on in other rooms.

We later cleaned bookshelves and made a board for all the May birthdays that were coming up.

This environment was very intriguing because I am used to a school where there are people around the same age. The Literacy Center is filled with people of various ages and focuses mainly on teaching English and reading. The atmosphere is so welcoming and allows all to feel comfortable when trying to learn.

“Overall it was a very rewarding experience seeing how thankful the people are for our acts of service,” said Maddie Jaloszynski.

Seeing how grateful the people at the Literacy Center were for our simple acts of service made me realize how truly thankful and blessed I am for what I have. I am truly thankful that my parents have done whatever they can to provide the very best for me.

I would like to continue doing service in areas like this. Next time I would like to be able to work with the students at the Center. This experience has made me curious as to what other businesses in the Green Bay area provide education for others.--Gioia Cumicek


For NDA Serves 2019, I chose to go to the Eva Mission. It’s a place that helps any family in the community who needs it. I have to admit that I had no idea this place existed before NDA Serves, and I only chose it because my friends were going to this site. However, I’m really glad I went there because I realized how important our help was.

In their main shopping building, there’s a back portion where they throw bags of donated clothes and other things. The entire room was basically filled to the ceiling and we barely put a dent in it after three hours with all eight of us.

I was the first to arrive and the person in charge(I never got her name) had me sorting out a trash bag full of clothes. I sorted them into pants and shorts and then between the genders and then the size. After I sorted them, I put them where they belonged in their warehouse. The others and I actually ended up having to clean up the section of the warehouse where the pants were because we messed it up at first. Basically, that’s all we did the entire time, but we sorted out different things. We sorted the summer from the winter clothes, scarves, undergarments, toys, and shoes.

Eva Mission also has toys, stuffed animals, furniture, beds and many other things for families who need them. A lot of the families who need their assistance are actually from Hispanic backgrounds so we all had to use our Spanish skills while we were there to communicate with the other volunteers. The person who was in charge was really funny too. She found a chicken costume and held it out to us saying, “For you?” She made the monotonous work fun for us.

NDA Serves is a great way for us students to reach out to the community and give back, and I saw this especially in Eva Mission.

I learned that doing simple things can have a really big impact.–Hailey Swonger


NDA Serves is a very important day of the year for staff and students alike. It is a day when we take the time to put aside learning for another core value, faith. Students and teachers spread across Green Bay to do service within the community and have a direct impact on the people we interact with.

For NDA Serves, I went to Aldo Leopold School with my friends, AJ Berndt, Grace O’Malley and Abby Comar. We worked from 9 to 11:30 and did a variety of tasks for the school.

Max Hennigan, Mr. Dory and I went around the entire property picking up trash and cleaning up the grounds. This was meaningful to me because I am passionate about doing work to save the environment, and I live very close to the school so it was nice to do something that benefitted my neighborhood.

Other members of our group did tasks like organize toys, cut out signs, work in classrooms, and design sidewalk chalk art for the school’s upcoming art show.

“My favorite part was when we got to play Gaga Ball with the kids at recess. They were a lot of fun as they tried to get us out,” said O’Malley.

NDA Serves is not only about the work that we do but also the connection that is built with the people we serve. Playing with the kids and talking with staff at the school leaves a lasting impact that shows others the effect NDA students can have on the community.–Owen Martzke


For my first and last NDA Serves, I went to the Literacy School of Green Bay. This year was my first year participating in this because last year our service day was cancelled due to snow days, and it was my first year at NDA.

It was a very productive three hours, to say the least, and it was very rewarding. We started off with having to make over 140 bookmarks for an upcoming event. Their theme this year was baseball. We created three different types of bookmarks. We had one shaped like a glove, another cut into a baseball player and a traditional bookmark with a baseball bat on the front. On the back of each bookmark, we glued on the Literacy School of Green Bay’s logo and information.

We all divided up the work and made them pretty fast. After completing that task quickly, they had us clean and organize. We traveled downstairs where some of us washed toys, and some of us went through stacks of magazines throwing away the old ones.

I then went upstairs with Ally Robb and Ryan Martin to dust. We took hundreds of books out of the shelving, wiping underneath them and putting them back. Ally and I went into the main room we originally were in and started wiping off everything in there as well. We took more books out and wiped off the tables and chairs.

After that was completed, Ryan and I went back downstairs to clean all of the classrooms they have. We wiped off all of the desks, chairs, boards and tables. After finishing that, we went back upstairs and helped designed the new bulletin board.

Each month they create a new theme and add birthdays to it. It was really rewarding to see how grateful the workers were. Each of them said thank you a lot and always made sure we stayed busy. They couldn’t have been more happy for us to come and help them clean up the business.

It was very nice for us to help them out with the stuff they don’t always have time to do in their busy schedules. I will never forget that I made a difference in someone else’s day by such simple acts of kindness. –Madeline Jaloszynski


For my service day I attended Holy Family School. I went to this site with Claire Kini, Colleen Philbin, Helen Treankler and Stephanie Huss.  Philbin went to school there when she was younger, so she said it was weird being back there. The teacher that helped us throughout the day was Mrs. VW.  

It was weird being back in a grade school and remembering all the memories from my grade school at Our Lady of Lourdes.

The day we signed up, I saw that Holy Family wanted us to organize and paint, which did not sound so bad, so I decided to sign up. When we got to the school, we were greeted by a lady who thanked us for serving and took us to where we would be working.

For service, we had to spread new mulch around the playgrounds for the kids. Half of us shoveled the mulch while the other half spread it throughout.  We had to make the mulch thicker in areas where the “little creatures” could fall. We spent most of our time at Holy Family on the playground, until we moved into St. Agnes Church.

Our next job was in the church.  We had to wipe down the pews and wipe up the dust on the floor around the pews. After that was done, we were given screwdrivers. We had to go around the church, see what pews were loose and tighten them.  Since there was eight of us helping on the job site, the work was completed in a short amount of time.

Although we did not work with the children at the school, I learned that many hands make light work.  We were able to leave a half hour early because we finished the tasks we had to do. I had a good feeling knowing I was helping out the school. —Aeva Ver Boort 


For my final year of volunteering on NDA Serves day, I went to the McCormick Assisted Living Home where my group’s main duty was to rake twigs and leaves on the home’s three lawns. There were 13 other students at the site with me, including Kai Assef, Tim Geocaris, Hope Krumrei, Maddy Krysiak, Myles Krzewinski, Jared LaFond, Martino Marchese, Scott Russell, Lauren Schauer, Evan Skaletski, Erik Sladky, and Brendan Willadsen. We were also led by our very patient parent chaperone, Mrs. Cindy Gregoire.

We all arrived at 9 o’clock in the morning and were introduced to some of the nurses and staff members working in the nursing home and then were assigned our projects. The staff member who gave us our tasks explained that they typically hire a lawn care service to come in and cut their grass and that picking up all of the leaves and twigs would ensure that the service’s lawn mowers would not run into any trouble with things getting stuck in it. We then began our time there with prayer and went to work.

Throughout the three hours we were there, we raked, swept excessive leaves and dirt from the home’s two side parking lots and then raked some more. Between raking and sweeping, I had the opportunity to talk to people I usually do not get to talk to at school as well as make some new friends with some people I had only first met today, which was definitely my favorite part of the entire day. We shared so many laughs and told so many stories and absolutely had a blast while getting work done. For a break, we even started an impromptu game of catch with some softballs I had in my car, which was also a lot of fun.

It was a truly moving experience to be able to serve the community with schoolmates and know that we were making a difference, though it may have been only a small difference. It will be a memory I will never forget, and I am grateful to have had such a great group to work with. –Olivia Vanden Elzen 


This NDA Service Day I had the opportunity to volunteer at Aldo Leopold Community School. Initially we were supposed to clean out the basement but instead were outside due to the basement’s already being cleaned for the past tornado drill.

At first I picked this school due to my friends from dance who are students there, but I soon learned after a few minutes that it had a very different atmosphere than I am used to.

For one, the school is so big. We talked to a couple fourth-graders who were not able to tell us if my friend’s cousin was in her class. This was very weird for me because in fourth grade, I could name the sixteen students in my class easily.

I also noticed as I walked down the hall that they also appeared to be advanced technology-wise as there were computers and learning tools in every classroom.

Most of my service was done outside, though, where my two friends and I were commissioned to decorate the sidewalk with chalk to advertise the upcoming art show. It was pretty disappointing when the rain washed it all away before we left.

We also got to interact with a few kindergartners who were not happy when we gave them a toy bear we found on the outside of their playground fence. They told on us, but it was a very funny experience.

My fellow volunteer, Abby Van Ooyen, credited her favorite experience as “having Mr. Harry Geiser draw with chalk with us.”

After taking everything into account, my friends and I would be delighted to come back to this service sight next year.–Adison Karbon


I served at Saint Joseph School for NDA Serves this year. At Saint Joseph School the other volunteers and I helped clean around the school and did some yard work as well.

The other members at my site were Alana Bergin, Taylor Massart, Melanie Luna Guerrero, Clara Blumreich, Max Sonnenburg and Mrs. Dunlap.

I truly enjoy NDA Serves as it creates an experience unlike any other. We began the morning with prayer and pledge with the members of the school.

Then we went outside and raked some leaves. It was a gorgeous morning, and serving the community we live in makes it better.

After raking, we went into the cafeteria and cleaned tables and chairs to create a clean lunch environment for the children. Once we finished there we cleaned garbage bins, mats and carts outside.

One of the people I served with, junior Melanie Luna Guerrero said, “My favorite part of NDA Serves was knowing how much a small group of people can help out a big community. I also really enjoyed helping out the community. I love making a change.”

Another member of our group was Alana Bergin, junior, who said, “My favorite part was being able to work with my friends to serve the community. It was a fulfilling experience being able to see how the work I was doing was going to directly impact Saint Joseph School.”

NDA Serves is a way for students to get involved and help out. This tradition has brought much joy and happiness to not only the community but also the students who serve.–Lauren Van Gheem


For my service day I went to the Brown County Central Library. There I washed kids toys, sorted bottle caps and helped with the group’s craft project. It was absolutely enlightening.

When you think of the library, you just think of a bunch of books and librarians that constantly tell you to shush but that was not what I saw on service day.

The library offers all sorts of programs to help young kids and parents that need something to do during the day. For example, the library offers a story time and then they offer an open place for kids and their parents to come after school is let out.

“We don’t directly offer our own programs but we work with the Green Bay School District to help get kids to read more and to help the district make sure kids have a place to go when their parents have to work,” said one of the library workers. I believe the library is key in helping young kids get exposed to books and not just the technology that surrounds us all.

Being able to help the kids indirectly by cleaning the toys that are used on a day-to-day basis was satisfying and rewarding. It was a great experience for my last Service Day, and I am glad I was able to help at a place that really does so much for the kids of Green Bay. –Ryan (Fuzz) French 


Thursday, April 25, all Notre Dame juniors and seniors were out of school volunteering at different locations around the Green Bay area.

I went to Resurrection Parish in Allouez with seve other students. One group helped organize the basement while my group cleaned the church. We wiped down all the pews and vacuumed the carpet (side note: please never leave gum on the pew. That is very hard to get off and it is very rude).

After we finished our tasks, we all came together and created a cross-building activity for the students in second grade who are receiving Eucharist for the first time. We took apart some wooden paper clips and used the lighter colored ones for the cross and the darker ones for making a Jesus figure. We then put the instructions and the materials in baggies to give to the kids.

This service project/location was very dear to me because I attended Resurrection for grade school. I went there my freshman year as well and I really enjoyed serving there, so I made it a priority to serve again.

This experience made me realize how much I enjoy service and helping others. I really appreciate that Notre Dame stresses service and takes a day out of our busy schooling to remind ourselves what the true message of Jesus’ teachings are. Service. By serving others we can gain awareness and appreciation that wasn’t there before. I thoroughly enjoyed my NDA Serves day and hope that all NDA students appreciate the opportunity to serve.–Maxwell Timmer


Last year for NDA Serves, I signed up to go to Syble Hopp, a public school for children with disabilities, and was disappointed when the day was cancelled. This year, I made sure to sign up early so I could get a spot before they were all taken. We worked from 9 to 11:45 and did many things throughout the day.

We started off by cleaning all of the glass within a portion of the school, while the taller guys of the group dusted the tops of windows and door frames. Once that was completed, we cleaned the outsides of the lockers. Katherine Fangman and I then vacuumed the rugs in every doorway while the rest of our group cleaned the locker rooms. A few of the guys hung out with one of the students, taking him around the school and listening to music on his soundboard.

The best part of the whole day, however, was hanging out with the students in their indoor sensory courtyard. The courtyard has a playground area, sensory station, basketball hoop, and walking path. This is where they can choose to spend their “recess.” The NDA students had a blast meeting the students, and then walking, playing basketball, and using the playground equipment with them.

“My favorite part of the courtyard was getting to meet a guy named Sam and watching him shoot hoops. He was really good and rarely missed any shots,” said junior Noah Sternig.

This NDA Serves was extremely memorable, and I would love to return to Syble Hopp next year. It was really cool to be given the opportunity to meet and talk to kids my age who have different needs. Everyone I met had a heart of gold, and I will never forget this day.–Mattea Vecera


My Service Day experience was held at the NEW Community center in downtown Green Bay.

On arrival, I felt amazed by the capacity of their building, as it was much larger than I expected.

The guide told our group about what they do there, including sheltering the homeless and also providing low-price apartments.

The community center serves over 400 people per day as a non-profit organization.

My group and I partook in the overall outside look of the center which included taking out weeds and raking their lawn.

My group members that I interacted with were Charles Nash and Ethan Vogel, who both were hard workers.

“I think it was fun being able to socialize with people along with doing work,” said Vogel.

As the hours passed, our work around the outside of the center seemed to pay off.

“Y’all are making it look so much better,” said a resident at the community center.

I learned that, first of all, how grateful I should be for my family, friends and privileges that I possess.

More importantly, though, I felt sorrow for the residents that have these ongoing struggles, some of whom aren’t much older than I am.

That is why, in my opinion, helping these people, not only with their lawn but also with their financial battle, is crucial.

The students of Notre Dame Academy are overly privileged in so many regards that it would be shameful to dismiss these citizens of our own city.

I encourage anyone to donate to the NEW Community Center, as they rely on donations to feed and shelter these people.–Sam Schmid


For my NDA Serves day, I was a leader on the 8th-grade retreat at St. Mary’s Church in DePere. On this retreat, I was able to work with a group of young girls as they prepare for their transition to high school. We spent the day talking about fears, excitement and faith to try to better prepare these girls to enter a whole new world in the fall.

Students from Our Lady Of Lourdes, Notre Dame Middle School and Father Allouez attended this retreat.

I led a group with two of my close friends, Jordan Bellmund and Helena Parmar, which was a good experience for us to be able to spend time together while trying to make the retreat as fun as we could for the students.

We did this while still focusing on the questions and talking to them about their faith and how to maintain it through high school. Although this was not the traditional serivce that others did, it was still an experience to help people.

We were able to attend Mass at the beautiful church and also were able to listen to a witness talk by Mr. Kriegl’s intern, Mckenna, and how her high school experience strengthened and challenged her faith.  I believe that this was the most impactful part of the retreat because hearing her story made me feel grateful for my high school experience being relatively easy.

She also told us about the way she talked to God, through journaling, and that was one of the best ways I have heard to talk to God personally. I felt that the 8th-graders had an impactful time on the retreat, and it was a great experience for all of the leaders too.–Abby Wittler


NDA Serves is one of the Academy’s most beloved traditions (as well as one of the few that has survived the change in administration). The service day coincides with the school’s core values as well as allows for a fun and interesting change-of-pace day during one of the hardest times of the year.

For my final NDA Serves, I went to Heritage Hill. I chose Heritage Hill because as a child I volunteered there with my sister and mother on their event days. I fondly remember times spent there dressed in old timey dresses and bonnets playing with toys like hoops and sticks.

For NDA Serves, I was designated as part of the yard work team (I appreciated the lack of gender discrimination because my team was all female). I had to SHOVEL DIRT. I can honestly say that I have never done this in my life. We were tidying up the grounds, which included digging up a wooden platform and then burying it again. I had to dig up dirt, rake it away, and then put new dirt in the same place. It was hard work, andI even got a blister!  I worked with Jessa Smith and miscellaneous other students.

I enjoyed the experience. It was an unforgettable day and it’s always nice to leave somewhere knowing it was better than when you found it. I also enjoyed doing manual labor since I basically never do that ever. It was fulfilling!–Elizabeth Bolin


Last week, I served my first NDA Serves at Notre Dame. I really wanted to help at any church because it is the most relaxing activity.  The Annunciation parish was a great option. This parish was highly recommended for its beautiful church and it’s about a mile away from NDA.

The Annunciation parish is one of the four Quad-Parishes of Green Bay. It is a huge complex of a Catholic church and private Catholic middle school.

Four NDA students and Mr. Rudar helped to clean the church. Each of us was responsible for a different section of the church. At the beginning, a nun gave us instructions for three hours “long amusement.”

Our goal was to clean all the pews and an area around them.  Afterwards, we also polished all the chairs in the choir loft as well as a family room. During that time, a few surprising items were found, such as a hockey puck and food.

When all the tasks were done, we spent a great amount of time talking to people in charge of the Annunciation parish. I truly had a great time and everyone was in a receptive mood.

As a kind of reward to us, two ladies showed us the whole school and the cafeteria. We were told many interesting, informational and funny stories.

Overall, each and every one of us enjoyed the day. It is nice to see some work done, and a mission called making other people happy was successfully accomplished.

Thank you to Mr. Rudar and all participants who made this NDA Serves possible.–Vit Nosek