Triton Troupe to Replace Big Buddy Program for Freshmen

Mattea Vecera, Staff Writer, Advanced Jounralism

The Big Buddy program was a way for upperclassmen to connect with the incoming freshmen in their homeroom, planning fun meetups for ice cream and mini golf during the summer. This gave the freshmen a way of learning more about the school from a student’s perspective and helped them feel more comfortable by seeing friendly faces in the halls.

After the Big Buddies were chosen, they were given the names and contact information of the freshmen in their homeroom, and it was their responsibility to contact each of them and plan a time and place for everyone to meet. Usually, this meant one upperclassmen getting together with 4-5 incoming freshmen.

However, this was challenging, as many times it was difficult to find a date and time where all or most were available. Also, it was uncomfortable for some groups, as the freshmen were too shy to talk and some were just forced to go by their parents.

This year, Notre Dame Academy’s former Big Buddy program has been replaced with the Triton Troupe.

“The purpose of the Triton Troupe is to show leadership through being positive role models who are responsible for welcoming new students to NDA,” stated Mrs. Gina Fredrick in an email to the upperclassmen.

Instead of having one representative from each homeroom plan something for their group, Triton Troupe has 30 elected members who will work with all new students.

So far, they have already had one meet-up with all of the students planning on coming to NDA, where everyone went to the bowling alley for pizza and bowling. Throughout the summer, there are four different events planned, and each member of Triton Troupe is required to attend at least 2 of the events.

“I’m really excited to be a part of the Triton Troupe this year. I think that it’s a great way for the incoming NDA students to meet their classmates before the school year starts and is a lot better than just meeting a few in your homeroom,” said junior Bella Brabazon.

This summer will be a test run of the Triton Troupe and hopefully a bonding experience for the students before they come to NDA.

And to the new students reading this: From the Tritonian staff to you, welcome to Notre Dame Academy!