Immersion Trip to France Set for June 2021, Parent Meeting February 18

Immersion Trip to France Set for June 2021, Parent Meeting February 18

Nick Bumgardner, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

In mid-late June, 2021, French students at Notre Dame will embark on a seven-day language immersion trip in France.

Under the direction of Mrs. Brenda Rentmeester, French teacher at Notre Dame, students will experience the language, culture and food of France, taking a dip outside the classroom to see the language used in the real world.

“This is the first time that I am taking the students to France. Any student who has taken French for at least two years can go on the trip, as it is a language immersion trip.  This trip would be open to current freshmen and sophomores enrolled in French,” said Rentmeester.

“The date of the trip has not yet been finalized, but it will be taking place most likely in mid to late June, 2021.  We will be flying out of Green Bay to Nice, France, where we will spend three days, followed by four days in Paris before we fly back home,” she continued.

When in France, each day will include a language lesson with a native French teacher taking their lessons into the real world.

In addition, students will be preparing traditional Mediterranean dishes, participating in scavenger hunts through Nice, playing traditional French games, such as a pétanque, dining with locals, and touring famous cathedrals, basilicas and museums.

 “This trip is important not only to expose students to native French speakers but to immerse them in French language and culture.  The daily lessons are tied to real-world activities, which helps them retain what they have learned,” said the NDA teacher.

For Rentmeester, the trip to France is something she wishes to share with her students because of the profound impact it had on her journey in the French language.

“The best thing that I ever did in regards to my French learning was to go stay with a family in France for a month in the summer.  My language skills, especially listening skills, were boosted in a way that I never would have imagined. This is what I want my students to have the opportunity to experience as well,” she explained.

 “I have been to France many times…my first experience was as an incoming junior in high school.  On that trip, I lived in a small town near Bordeaux, in the southwestern part of France on the Atlantic.  I have also been to Paris several times just to immerse myself in the culture,” she continued.

Rentmeester also confirmed that she has tried to find a company who can provide a wonderful experience in France while keeping costs affordable for as many students as possible.

Trip costs will be covered during the parents meeting on Tuesday, February 18, at 6 p.m. in room P-200.

All eligible French students and parents are welcome.