Academy Awards Show to Dominate Week of April 12-16


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Although this year students are unable to attend the Academy Awards in person, the ceremony will be streamed April 12 through 16 during Advisory. Just like in previous years, a panel of judges consisting of faculty/staff and a student from each grade will vote on contestants to determine a winner. 

This past week the administration approved each contestant’s invitation of four family members to watch the livestream of the Q and A session and coronation.

This year, another adjustment due to the pandemic, students will actually be able to vote and help determine the winner.

The contestants will be judged based on their intro video, talent video and live question and answer. The question and answer segment will be led, as is traditional, by Mr. Matt Schultz, history teacher. 

Nine junior and senior contestants are competing for first place with current Mr. NDA, senior Owen Campbell, on hand to crown his successor.

Announcing the Academy Awards this year are two seniors, Sam Ruffell and Lainey Chosa. They have been working hard to help make this the best experience.  Along with first place, additional titles will be awarded, including a Mr. or Ms. Congeniality. 

Despite all of the challenges faced, thanks to Covid and having to produce the show virtually, the competitors and production staff are working through it together. 

“The contestants have been fabulous.  The most challenging thing has been all the restrictions and regulations that we had to place on them,” said Mrs. Julie Campbell.

This is an opportunity that many individuals thought would not be occurring. Many of the contestants and producers are grateful to have this experience, acknowledging even the challenge can be fun.

“It’s been a fun challenge to figure out new ways to be creative,” said Mrs. Holly Hinch, another one of the show’s advisers.