Student Government Eager to Bring Fall Fest Week Back to NDA


Sophie Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With Fall Fest just two short weeks away, Student Government is working hard to ensure that this year’s events are unforgettable. 

“Fall Fest will really be focused on the students this year,” said Nick Massabni, the Vice President of the Outreach branch of Student Government. “We are aware that freshmen and sophomores have not yet experienced all the excitement of Fall Fest Week. We are committed to bringing that back this year.” 

Plans for this year’s Fall Fest include dress days, powderpuff football, The Great Battle, and, of course, the Fall Fest dance. 

The Great Battle, known by most as TGB, will be taking on a different format this year. 

“Definitely look forward to a completely redesigned TGB, with participation from the whole school instead of small teams,” said Alora Schneider, Vice President of the Senate branch of Student Government. More information about TGB will be coming out in the following week. 

During Fall Fest Week, students will also get to participate in special dress days. 

“Our exciting dress days, events and the cause we plan on raising money for will be released very soon,” said Anna Gruesen, Student Body President. 

“The dress themes this year are stuff we haven’t done before,” said Schneider, “and they have a lot of room for creativity and comfort.” 

Students can also expect girls’ flag football, powderpuff, to make its return the week after Fall Fest. 

As for the dance, juniors and seniors will find that it looks a lot like dances of the past. 

“The Fall Fest dance will be the same as the other dances with loud music, lights, and of course, dancing,” said Gruesen. 

Much of Student Government’s work so far has evolved around getting ready for Fall Fest. In addition, they are hoping to get freshmen involved in Student Government as soon as possible so their grade level can be represented. Freshmen had an assembly about joining Student Government this past week and will be electing their class officer this week.

“Just know that Student Government is working really hard to bring everything back and is planning on having a Fall Fest Week that everyone will want to be a part of,” said Grusen. “It’s so exciting that we will even have Fall Fest this year, so I hope everyone gets involved.”