Tritonfest 2022 Sets New Record, Brings Community Together


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The hours of work contributed by various volunteers and committee members paid off as Tritonfest 2022 turned out to be a massive success for the NDA community.

With 375 people attending the event the school raised a net profit of $366,530—a new record for the academy. 

All of this was made possible by the 55 student volunteers as well as 45 parent volunteers who helped with sponsorship, decorations, auction items, registration, student volunteers, marketing and raffles.

The money raised contributes to a multitude of benefits for the school.

First, the money helps to bridge the gap between tuition charged and the actual cost of educating a student at NDA. 

Additionally, it supports new programs and teacher professional development as well as provides tuition assistance to more than 50% of the students. 

Mr. Geno McKenna, director of development, has been helping to manage Tritonfest since he started at Notre Dame six years ago. 

“Tritonfest helps to bring the NDA community together unlike any other event that we do. It gives the community an evening to celebrate NDA and for people to build friendships and reconnect with old friends,” said McKenna. 

Senior Chelsey Martinez served as the student speaker at this event and, through her speech, raised $33,500 towards tuition assistance for families.

“Chelsey is a very busy student who was a part of the musical which took place right before Tritonfest,” explained McKenna. “I had asked her to be the student speaker, and she willingly said yes.  Chelsey had a beautiful message and spoke of why the attendees should consider supporting NDA and our students.” 

The Grant-a-Wish option brought in $9,414, providing the purchase of 43 items for the school’s faculty and staff. 

As the overseer of the event McKenna has enjoyed the past six months of planning for the event. 

I like the experience I have with the volunteer committee that helps put this all together,” said the manager. “Friendships are formed, and I get to witness parents who are willing to give of themselves to help benefit our students.”

He added, “The event itself makes it all worth it when I see students volunteering that evening and connecting with the attendees. It is a fun night and everyone that attends seems to be happy to be there.”