Green Bay Police Department Seeks Students to Join Public Safety Cadets Program


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Green Bay Police Department is looking for students between the ages of 14 and 21 to join the Public Safety Cadets Program, where they learn about being a police officer.

“Green Bay Police Cadets gain hands-on experience to explore a career in law enforcement. Cadets learn to handle police calls such as disturbances, traffic stops and crime scene investigation,” said Chris Kuptz, who is part of the Professional Standards Division of the Green Bay Police Department and one of the advisers for the program.

Kuptz, Lieutenant Andy Opperman, Officer Sheila Carlson and ten other officers run the program, and they instill confidence, team building and leadership skills into the future officers.

“Cadets meet one to two times per month in the evenings at the Green Bay Police Department,” said Kuptz.

Each meeting lasts two hours, and the cadets are trained on different skills officers use every day. Cadets learn how to perform traffic stops, collect evidence and conduct field sobriety tests.

Along with the monthly training meetings, cadets have the ability to participate in state and national competitions.

“Competitions consist of teams of cadets from other police departments/ sheriff agencies going through different scenarios against other cadet teams,” commented Kuptz.

Cadets are scored on their performance, and awards such as trophies and scholarships are given. Competitions are held throughout Wisconsin in cities from Milwaukee to Hartford. The Wisconsin state competitions are held at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Along with state competitions, national competitions are held in other states. This year’s Nationals are in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Those looking to apply to become a Cadet can find applications on the website Police Cadets | Green Bay, WI ( From there an application and waiver can be submitted to [email protected]. If it is easier to mail or drop off an application, it can be sent to 307 S Adams St. Green Bay, WI 54301.

Joining the Public Safety Cadets Program is beneficial when one is seeking out a job as a police officer. Employers will see you have prepared yourself to be an officer, as the skills and knowledge needed to perform the job have been learned early on.

“The voluntary program helps students and young individuals gain experience and help build their resume for when they do seek a law enforcement position,” said Kuptz.

For further information about the program, a link is provided below for the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Education Advocates Association, which oversees all the cadet programs throughout the state.

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Education Advocates Association, Inc. – About Us (