Konshak’s Pancake Run/Walk Fundraiser Set for April 20 at NDA Track


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Online Tritonian

NDA’s math teacher Bryan Konshak hosts his Pancake Run/Walk Fundraiser on Thursday, April 20, next to the track, with the proceeds going to the NDA Closet.

Anyone interested in participating must register by April 3, and the cost is $20 for the food and shirt. After the run/walk, pancakes and sausage will be available.

“I have run the event for three years, with a two-year break due to Covid,” said Konshak.

The fundraiser begins at 4:30 with a bib pickup, and the run/walk starts at 5:00. The event ends when all the pancakes are gone.

All proceeds go to the NDA Closet, which is a place that supplies lunches, clothes, and school supplies when needed by students.

“I believe that it is important that all students have access to the supplies needed to be successful,” commented Konshak.

The event began with an idea to have a pi day run, but school is not always open on 03/14. Konshak and Cassidy McGowan decided to hold a run/walk during Spring Week instead. Pancakes were decided to be the food of choice, as they are fast to make and serve a large number of people, according to Konshak.

“The first year I had Uncle Pancake provide the food, but in year two he backed out on us at the last minute, so Konop stepped in. In year three I did the cooking with my wife.”

Konshak mentioned the hardest part of the event is promoting it, and three food griddles and dispensers are needed to get the pancakes out fast. Konshak’s wife is his biggest helper for the event.

“She is the main pancake cooker, as well as the setup and cleanup crew.”

Konshak hopes to raise a substantial amount of money for the NDA Closet, as $1,000 was raised at the previous event.

“My goal is to raise as much money as I can for the fundraiser and have fun while doing it.”