Academy Chatter: What is your favorite Easter tradition?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Jacob Ganther, senior: “The Easter egg hunt that my family does.”

John Savona, senior: “Just being with the family and having a big meal.”

Jack Ritchay, senior: “Celebrating Jesus’s resurrection with the fam bam.”

Bethany McCole, senior: “I like to decorate everything Easter colors with the family.”

Jack Petermann, senior: “Decorating Easter eggs.”

Carter Jacobson, senior: ” I love going on Easter egg hunts; those are awesome.”

Jacob Hilliard, senior: “I like to make a lot of colorful eggs.”

Blake Olejniczak, junior: “Getting ready to go to school on Monday when everyone else in the country has the day off…”

Susan Rose, junior: “When my brother and my cousin kept pulling on the Easter bunny’s tail, and he got mad, and it was so funny.”

Bryn Allen, senior: “Last year when I finally found my Easter basket after an hour and a half after searching.”

Emma Adams, senior: “When I was really little, I was so excited to find a little stuffed lamb in my Easter basket.”

Ciera Windey, junior: “When we dressed my little cousin as a bunny, and she was so cute!”

Grace Campbell, freshman: “Finding the Easter baskets or dying eggs.”

Trudy Quidzinski, freshman: “Finding eggs or dressing up and being with family and friends.”

Andrew Grusen, freshman: “I love making a bad-colored Easter egg when I dye eggs.”

Grace Shaw, freshman: “I enjoy searching my house for my Easter basket.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “It is for sure going to my grandma’s house and having dinner with all of my family from Minnesota.”

Maddie Rietz, freshman: “Going to church.”

Laken Anderson, freshman: “Going to the mall and getting my picture taken with Peter cotton tail.”

Ben Boucher, freshman: “Going to eat ham at my grandma’s house.”

Zachary Jerzyk, freshman: “Painting and eating eggs.”

Ryan Hornberger, freshman: “Food.”

Morgan Schram, freshman: “Coloring eggs.”

Maighdlin McHugh, freshman: “Going to Grandma’s.”

Nichole Michaletz, freshman: “Easter egg hunts.”

Danielle Reince, freshman: “Looking for the Easter baskets.”

Olivia Zehms, freshman: “‘The Easter Bunny’ hides our baskets, and we have to wait for everyone (including my parents who take forever to get up) before we can go find our baskets and discover what treasures are hidden!”

Noah Allen, freshman: “Messing with Brady Kurowski because he dresses as the Easter Bunny at Seroogy’s.”
Aldo Gonzalez, freshman: “Eat.  Not much different from any other day.  I’m happier when I eat on Easter cause it’s Easter.”
Lily Schumacher, freshman: “Getting together with all of my relatives.”
Cora Nesvacil, freshman: “Making Easter eggs!”
Nichole Michaletz, freshman: “Decorating eggs.”
Heather Ruby, sophomore: “Easter egg hunt.”