Academy Chatter: What has been the highlight of this school year for you?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Jacob Ganther, senior: “When David Shaw asked Mrs.Huntley’s student teacher for a ride to the airport.”

Austin Nordeen, senior: “Probably prom, I had a lot of fun”

Jack Ritchay, senior: “Golf season this year.”

Bethany McCole, senior: “The entire senior year was a highlight.”

Jack Petermann, senior: “Prom was a fun time.”

Carter Jacobson, senior: “My birthday was a good time.”

Jacob Hilliard, senior: “Returning from my injury during the season.”

Blake Olejniczak, junior: “The highlight of mine was Mr. NDA!”

Hannah Dercks, freshman: “I had three hat tricks in soccer.”

Julie Ko, junior: “Prom.”

Chloe Noh, junior: “Cabaret Night.”

Ryan Hornberger, freshman: “Using my highlighter.”

Zachary Jerzyk, freshman: “The March For Life.”

Simon Neta, freshman: “Christmas vacation.”

Colton Lippert, senior: “Honors physics class with Mrs.Nelson.”

Olivia Escalante, freshman: “Finishing my first cross country season.”

Ben Lelinski, freshman: “Probably the school dances or just all the new friends I have made.”

Lauren Welker, freshman: “Each week getting one planner page closer to the end.”

Lily Schumacher, freshman: “De La Baie Fest.”

Hannah Ciriacks, freshman: “Being a part of Battle of the Blocks and participating in the Battle of the Blocks dance.”

Deidre Bellmore, freshman: “The new people and friends.”

Trudy Quidzinski, freshman: “Extra curricular activities.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “Meeting all of my best friends at the beginning of the school year and being able to go through my freshman year with them.”

Grace Shaw, freshman: “Soccer season.”

Maddie Reitz, freshman: “Football games.”

Andrew Grusen, freshman: “Answering all of these delightful questions.”

Laken Anderson, freshman: “Being on high honor roll.”

Jack Allen, freshman: “Football season.”


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