Academy Chatter: Who Would Be Your Ideal Date to Fall Fest?

Staff Writers , Journalism I

Hannah Dercks, junior: “Jack Thornton from When Calls the Heart because he is super cute, charming, brave and romantic.”

Eliza Stackhouse, junior: “David Beckham because he has a hot son.”

Olivia Escalante, junior: “Zayn Malik because 7th grade me has never really left.”

Abby Anderson, junior: “My dog because he is super soft.”

Abby Comar, sophomore: “My dream date would be G-Eazy because he is the love of my life, and we are already married.”

Anastasia Geigel, sophomore: “Bob Ross because he is artsy. I like my men artsy.”

Claire Edgar, sophomore: “This really hot guy I saw at this tennis tournament. I have a lot of pictures of him because I was like stalking him the whole weekend.”

Katie Kulick, sophomore: “Probably Channing Tatum because he’s a hottie with a body.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “Jesus Christ because he is my Lord and Savior, and he should be everyone’s date to Fall Fest.”

Caleb Baeten, sophomore: “I would choose Maria Sharapova because she is a tennis player, and I play tennis and that’s about it.”

Charles Kippley, sophomore: “I would say Hillary Clinton so I could spend some quality time debating politics with someone during dinner and the dance.”

Kevin Santiago, senior: “Ariana Grande because she is beautiful and my favorite singer.”

Danielle Reince, junior: “Taylor.”

Jay Stadtmueller, junior: “ The female version of me because she would know what I’m hungry for.”

Nick Messerschmidt, senior: “Obviously my girlfriend because she is the most beautiful girl I know.”

Ally Groher, senior: “Definitely Kassie Baeten because I didn’t really have the opportunity to talk to her this summer.”

Kelly Lamas, senior: “Probably Obama because Viva America.”

Emily Conrad, junior: “No one.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “I would go with my boyfriend; he is very outgoing.”

Marina Frechette, senior: “Steph Curry because he got them hops and he is gorgeous.”

Erika Odberg, senior: “Taylor Lautner because he’s hot.”

Elena Martin, senior: ”Myself because I don’t want to slow dance with anyone.”

Eliza Stackhouse, junior: “David Beckham because he is British.”

Madison Remington, senior: “Gina because she is leaving for France.”

James Fitzwater, junior: “Ben Weber because we are best friends.”

Jason Kukay, junior: “Margot Robbie for her personality.”

Joel Haas, junior: “Jon Zacharias because he is a beast.”

Logan LeMay, junior: “Harambe because he was more than just a gorilla.”

Noah Jessick, junior: “Paul Gapinski because he is bae.”

John Morgan, junior: “Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple because it’s all natural.”

Brian Fang, junior: “My BMX Bike because it’s my favorite thing.”

Claire Rotherham, senior: “Matt Anderson because he is tall and plays men’s volleyball.”

Hope Gourley, senior: “Clayton Lisowski because his eyes are dreamy.”

Marissa Ziefle, senior: “Stephen Scripp because he owes me one.”

Alex Steber, senior: “Taylor Swift because she is my dream woman.”

Taylor King, senior: “Liam Gerl because I have to.”

Stephen Scripp, junior: “Gracie Degroot to keep the streak.”

Liam Gerl, senior: “Taylor King because my mom is making me.”

Patrick Darling, senior: “Katherine Fangman because she is beautiful.”

Ismaiil Nur, junior: “Beyonce because she can perform for us and dance with me.”

Logan Braun, junior: “Maddie Woodward because we have a great history!”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “Aeva VerBoort because Max Polack said it would be a good idea.”

Maddie Reitz, junior, “I would choose Channing Tatum, and I know he’s like older now, but we all know he can dance.”

Sam Warpinski, junior: “Sophie Woodward. I feel a strong connection with her.”

Meghan Yakel, junior: “Charlie Wied because he is a freshman hockey player.”

Grace Shaw, junior: “Charlie Sauter.”

Grant Noble, junior: “Max Pallini because it would be a cheap meal before the dance.”

Julia Slusarek, sophomore: “Zac Efron, because he’s hot.”

Olivia Vandenelzen, sophomore: “Liam Edgar because he’s a babe.”

Zach Kellner, sophomore: “Harambe because why not.”

Lily Kabat, sophomore: “G-Eazy because I kind of like him.”

Madeline Darling, sophomore: “Derek Hough because he would have stellar dance moves! It would never be a dull moment on the dance floor!”

Madeline Laaksonen, sophomore: “Luke Skywalker because my mom would approve.”

Ashley Tuszka, sophomore: “Young Tom Welling because he played Superman in Smallville.”

Kevin Santiago, senior: “Ariana Grande because she is beautiful and my favorite singer.”

Danielle Reince, junior: “Taylor.”

Jay Stadtmueller, junior: “ The female version of me because she would know what I’m hungry for.”

Isaac Sidon, junior: “Kim Kardashian because of her great personality.”

Ethan Wheeler, junior: “My girl because she’s the one for me.”

Fernando Yanez, junior: “Gabe Gutierrez lol.”

Chase Mura, junior: “Someone that likes to and doesn’t care because why not.”

Brady Kurowski, junior: “Kylie Jenner because of her amazing personality.”

Michael DeLeers, senior: “Maria Ehlinger, she’s Ryan’s sister.”

Ryan Ehlinger, senior: “Lachlan, he has good glasses.”

Anabelle Xiong, senior: “Matt Healy, he’s the lead singer of my favorite band.”

Kassandra Baeten, senior: “I don’t know. I can’t choose between Channing Tatum, Clay Matthews, David Beckham, and Shawn Mendes because they are all so beautiful.”

Mrs. Brown, staff: “If I couldn’t go with my husband, I wouldn’t go because I’m a dedicated Christian wife.”

Will Motquin, senior: “Haley DeGroot, she’s beautiful.”

Morgan Carlson, senior: “Haley DeGroot because Will Motquin would.”

Lee Ni, senior: “ Fan Bingbing. She is the most attractive female I could think out of.”

Frank Sun, senior: “I want to go to Fall Fest with T because he is adorable.”

Heather Ruby, senior: “I would go to Fall Fest with Jesus because he is my ‘homeboy.’”

Christin Roskos, senior: “I would go with JFK because I love him.”

Jessie Fan, senior: “I would like to go to Fall Fest with Iris because I ‘love’ her.”

Michael Trgovac, senior: “ I would like to go to Fall Fest with Haley Degroot because she is really hot.”

Adam Rudar, staff: “ My wife, no why.”

Gabryl Gutierrez, junior: “Grace Wheeler, my girlfriend.”

Emily Gage, sophomore: “Stephen Curry because he is hot.”

Emily Newell, sophomore: “Sam, my boyfriend.”

Grace Wheeler, sophomore: “Gabe, my boyfriend.”

Charles Kippley, sophomore: “Kate Upton because of her personality.”

Anna Holzbach, junior: “Josef Newgarden because he is hot and nice.”

Autumn Klemencic, sophomore: “Justin Beiber because he is hot.”

Michael DeLeers, senior: “My ideal date to Fall Fest would probably be Maria Ehlinger.”

Clayton Lisowski, senior: “The buffet line.”

Patrick Darling, senior: “Brianna Ehlinger because I enjoy her and her comfort.”

Matthew Krzewinski, senior: “Jason Revolinsky because he is ideal in every category.”

Tommy Matthews, senior: “Someone with a lot of tolerance and a good sense of humor.”

Jordan Flaten, senior: “Mrs. Hollenbach because she is a bundle of joy.”

Andrew Zipp, senior: “Kendall Lisowski because she is smoking!”

Lexi FitzGerald, senior: “Andrew Zipp.”

Ella Hunt, senior: “Andrew Zipp.”

Maria Keenan, senior: “Andrew Zipp.”

Isabel Canadeo, senior: “Stephen Lovell.”

Stephen Lovell, senior: “Eli Canadeo.”

Sarah Zarvan, senior: “Jake LaBreck.”

Greta Bosco, senior: “Ryan Scripp.”

Paul Gapinski, junior: “Jacob Larsen.”

Jacob Larsen, junior: ‘Paul Gapinski.”

Ben Weber, junior: “Alicia Vikander.”

Mr. Dan Winkler, staff: “Mrs. Hollenback.”

Conor Bell, junior: “Ann Holzbach.”

Christian Van, junior: “Chloe Grace Moretz.”

Zach Sengstock, junior: “Shakira.”