Academy Chatter: How would you like to be asked to Fall Fest?

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Alex McKean, junior: “I would want to sit at home and watch Netflix rather than attend the dance, but since there is a social pressure to to be active and attend things, I guess I would want someone to take me out to dinner (preferably Chili’s), pay for my meal, then get on one knee, pull out a bouquet of chocolate and ask me if I wanted to attend Fall Fest with them.”

Gracie Degroot, junior: “I would want someone to come to my Cross Country meet and ask me at my meet with a sign. I would want it at my meet because no one ever comes to Cross Country meets.”

Connor Bell, junior: “I would like to be asked on my school e-mail.”

Esmeralda Ver Hernandez, junior: “I would want someone to ask me with a poster and Starbucks with a really cheesy message.”

Maddie Glosny, junior: “I would want to be given flowers and a cute phrase on a poster.”

Avery Lyons, junior: “Through a text message.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “I would want to be asked at soccer or in a class that I have with the person. It’d be cute to see what they’d come up with for the class we’re in. Otherwise a Harry Potter poster would be perfect.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “I would like something simple, maybe flowers and a sign. Nothing extraordinary.”

Maria Ehlinger, senior: “With a cookie cake because I love cookie cakes.”

Lizzie Opichka, junior: “With a pizza.”

Lexi Fitzgerald, senior: “With one hundred dollar bills spelling out Fall Fest.”

Madeline Darling, sophomore: “At my house and he would bring some kind of dessert, because that’s the best.”

Carly Noble, senior: “The way my Fall Fest date Nate Ihlenfeldt asked me.”

Callie Adamczak, senior: “In person with a pizza.”Maddie Reitz, junior: “With my name drawn in a raffle.”

Grant Noble, junior: “With a sign that says roses are red violets are blue I would really like to go to FallFest with you.”

Jenna Wozney, senior: “It doesn’t matter as long as it’s Andrew Zipp.”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “Wel,l I would just want my girlfriend to ask me in any way but I highly doubt she would.”

Gracie DeGroot, junior: “ I would want someone to come to my cross country meet with a sign and ask me there because then someone would actually come to a cross country meet.”

Logan Braun, junior: “By receiving LuLuLemon clothes.”

Ismaiil Nur, junior: “With snacks.”

Bella Zent, sophomore: “I don’t care how. I just want to get asked.”

Hope Krumrei, sophomore: “I want the person to ask me for homework help and then they’d ask ‘What’s this one?’ and point at ‘Fallfest?’ written out, and then you know…”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “I would want to be asked to Fall Fest with a brand-new car with a big bow on top and then have a sign on it that says ‘Fall Fest?’”

Colleen Lois, junior: “I don’t think anyone should know how I want to get asked.”

Julia Slusarek, sophomore: “Donald Trump.”

Claire Rotherham, senior:  “With food.”

Jaci Brady, freshman: “With a cute sign about tennis.”

Kelly Hogan, senior: “An elaborately choreographed musical number because that would be awesome.”

Emily Martin, senior: “With an airplane in the sky because that’d be awesome and everyone would see.”

Anya Carlson, senior: “I would love to get asked with a bunch of puppies and pie. Puppies are so cute…if the guy knows that then you know he is a smart one. Pie, because I would have something for the puppies to come by me for.”

Sarah Zarvan, senior: “In Paris at night on the top of the Eiffel Tower because that’d be sick.”

Ella Hunt, senior: “A Hamilton theme because I’ve always wanted a dance date who shares my love for musicals.”

Isabel Canadeo, senior: “With a really awesome dance because it’s awesome! Like a big flash mob in the mall would be ideal.”

Greta Bosco, senior: “With an edible arrangement and a cute card because I have always loved fruit.”

Chris Fineout, senior: “My dream way of getting asked to Fall Fest would include 14 guys, a minivan, car paint, and ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the Weather Girls.”

Clayton Lisoski, senior: “Flowers and asking my dad for permission first.”

Patrick Darling, senior: “A city-wide treasure hunt.”

John Ehlinger, sophomore: “With some gluten-free pretzels.”

Ben Richards, senior: “A flash mob.”

Lachlan Johnson, senior: “Minivan with car paint and a classy song.”

Stephen Lovell: “However Patrick asks.”

Lee Ni, senior:With a fancy Chinese dinner.”

Tian Zhangchi, senior: “With a jar of Chinese air.”

Heather Ruby, senior: “Probably with food.”

Christin Roskos, senior: “Probably with a potato.”

Michael Schumacher, senior: “Watermelon and grape soda would be fantastic!”

Michael Trgovac, senior: “With fried chicken and Kool-aid would be nice.”

Jon Sollberger, senior: “Like George Washington crossing the Delaware.”

Ana Holzbach, junior: “Poster board with candy.”

Cole Peters, junior: “Sticky notes.”

Zach Roberts, junior: “Key it into my car.”

Logan Lemay, junior: “Reality TV.”

Monse Bustamante, junior: “Spelt with food.”

Noah Frigo, junior: “Fireworks.”

Sammy Lacount, junior: “Poster.”

Ally Groher, senior: “Shoot me a text.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “Something with food.”

Kelly Lamas, senior: “Send me a google survey.”

Maddi Reise, senior: “Straight up ask me.”

Marina Frechette, senior: “Something creative that involves food.”

Erika Odberg, senior: “Something with ice skating.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “Some flowers and pretty lights.”

Emily Groher, freshmen: “Something with flowers and chocolate.”

Ariana Del Moral, senior “I would want to ask instead.  I would wear cat ears and have a sign that says ‘Fall Fest wouldn’t be the cat’s meow without you.’”

Tate Reise, freshmen: “Make a sign with something to do with football.”

Grace O’Malley, sophomore: “With the resurrection of Harambe.”

Janine Moreno, junior: “My ideal Fall Fest proposal would be something cute with music, puns, food and dogs.”

Eliza Stackhouse, junior: “I wouldn’t. I would rather stay home with my dog.”

Katie Kulick, sophomore: “With Starbucks and flowers.”

Abby Comar, sophomore: “With food, enough said.”

Tyler Foytik, junior: “With a cheesy sign and food.”

Andrew Gunville: “In a very low key way, which I will not specify.”

Chase Mura, junior:  “In a simple way.”

Alex Trigueros, junior:  “I’d like to be asked with food.”

Ali Shay, junior:  “With a pun.”

Frank Sun, senior: “I will probably ask them directly.”

Jonathan Zacharias ,junior: “A box of chocolate.”

Angela Owens,sophomore : “Just saying what’s up? and asking it.”

Mary Beth Healy, sophomore : “In a poem.”

Han Lu, senior: “With a basketball.”

Jessie Qiu, junior: “I’m a girl, so I would wait for a guy.”

Ben Cao,junior: “I will sing a song to that girl and ask her do you want go to the Fall Fest with me.”