Academy Chatter: What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child and why?


Staff Writers , Journalism I

Maddie Reitz, junior: “A skeleton because I didn’t have the guts to go as anything else.”

Grant Noble, junior: “A Power Ranger because it has the most swag.”

Jon Zacharias, junior: “A penguin because my mom forced me to.”

David Nelson, sophomore: “A clown because I scared my neighbor so bad I made her cry.”

Meghan Yakel, junior: “A zombie because I looked dead.”

Grady Brick, sophomore: “A cowboy because I rode my dog.”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “Buzz Lightyear because I was lit.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “I would say when I dressed up as Cassie the Dragon from Dragon Tails. I loved her.”

Kelly Lamas, senior: “Probably being a cat because they’re my favorite animal.”

Marina Frechette, senior: “Dora the Explorer because I thought I looked like her. “

Caleb Baeten, sophomore: “Buzz Lightyear because I saw him in Toy Story.”

Isaac Sidon, junior: My vampire costume because I was sucking blood for eight years straight as a vamp.”

Ally Groher, senior:  “I dressed up as a pumpkin and it was really cute.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz because that was my favorite movie.”

Lee Ni, senior: “Ghost. Because I like to scare people.”

Tian Zhangchi, senior: “Spider-man. I had a fantasy that I am able to fly over the cities.”

Fan Jingqiu, senior: “I don’t like Halloween.”

Thomas Shade, senior: “The bomb angry bird. I would say my costume is the bomb.”

Michael Trgovac, senior: “Ninja. My mom would make me wear the same costume if I got in trouble.”

Natalie Jacques, sophomore: “My grandma made me a Teletubbies costume that I absolutely loved.”

Seela Raj, sophomore: “My favorite was a surgeon because it was pretty good I guess.”

Hope Krumrei, sophomore: “Vampire because the makeup stained my face for a week and it was funny.”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “Me and one of my really good friends dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2.”

Ava Vande Corput, sophomore: “A teenage mutant ninja turtle because I love them.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “Batman because I thought the cape was really cool.”

Claire Edgar, sophomore: “A Greek goddess because everyone thought I was a princess but I really wasn’t.”

Elliot McGinnity Schneider, sophomore: “My penguin costume because it was semi- waterproof, and it rained that day.”

Ava Vande Corput, sophomore: “My crayon costume because it was purple, and purple is my favorite color.”

Bella Zent, sophomore: “I was a princess one year, and it was my favorite because I wanted to be a princess as child.”

Grace Cooper, sophomore: “Dressing up as one of those big animals because they were big and kept you warm, but I also looked fashionable.”

Katie Kulick, sophomore: “A princess vampire because I made it myself, and I was very proud of it.”

Bella Zent, sophomore: “I was a princess once.”

Colleen Lois, senior: “I was a bunny for my first Halloween.”

Jon Sollberger, senior: “Tin Man. Because I like Tin Man.”

Richard Rehberg, senior: “Clown. Because they are funny.”

Ryan Ehlinger, senior: “A dragon when I was little.”

Michael DeLeers, senior: “A pumpkin when I was five.”

Nate Ihlenfeldt, senior: “A scarecrow because I was so cute.”

Chris Fineout, senior: “A ghost using a bed sheet.”

John Ehlinger, sophomore: “A pirate because I loved treasure.”

Danny Stewart, senior: “I went dressed as my sister.”

Barrett Desotell, senior: “A transformer because I wanted to save the world.”

Ana Holzbach, junior: “Hockey player.”

Hans Ernst, junior: “Morphsuit.”

Alec Hodkiewicz, senior: “Skater.”

Cole Peters, junior: “Bow hunter.”

Matt Vanderleest, junior: “Superman.”

Zach Roberts, junior: “Bob the builder.”

Denice Aispuro, junior: “Bunny.”

Cole Cullen, junior: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “Virgin Mary.”

Payton VanPelt, junior: “Kim Possible.”

Tyler Bergner, junior: “Myself.”

Molly Schneider, junior: “Princess.”

Danielle Reince, junior: “Popcorn.”

Connor Bell, junior: “Orange shirt, black shorts.”

Esmeralda Vera Hernandez, junior: “Princess.”

Alex Trigueros, junior: “Breakfast burrito.”

Ali Shea, junior: “Lara Croft.”

Bekah Witte, junior: “Janga Fet.”

Madelyn Glosny, junior: “Pirate.”

Ryan Martin, sophomore: “My favorite Halloween costume as a child was a male volleyball player.”

Carly Noble, senior: “I liked being a clown.”

Claire Rotherham, senior: “I loved dressing up as a cat on Halloween.”

Madalyn Foscato, senior: “Kim Possible.”

Anna Tristani, senior: “Snow White.”

Avery Lyons, junior: “A clown.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “A cow.”

Ben Cao, senior: “I would be a ninja because I like that they are stealthy.”

William Guevara, junior: “I would be Cat Woman because of the outfit.”

Christopher Kapic, junior: “Tiger because that is the only costume I have.”

Aldo Gonzalez, junior: “Any type of food costume because I love food obviously.”

Frank Sun, senior: “A ghost, because I love ghosts.”

Jessie Qiu, senior: “I would be a witch because I like the magic.”

Herbet Tan, senior: “I would be Cosplay because I like anime.”

Kevin Santiago, senior: “The purge.”

Ernesto Navarro, junior: “A power ranger.”

Fernando Yanez, junior: “Scream.”

Isaac Sidon, junior: “My Barack Obama costume.”

Noah Frigo, junior: “Ninja turtle.”

Aldo Gonzalez, junior: “Pirate.”

Simon Netta, junior: “Serial killer.”

Chris May, senior: “My George W. Bush costume.”

Sam Conard, senior: “I was a pumpkin one year.”

Will Motquin, senior: “Glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume.”

Kevin Santiago, senior: “Iron Hombre.”

Morgan Carlson, senior: “Probably Darth Vader.”

Ryan Ehlinger, senior: “A Gucci Flip Flop.”

Chris Fineout, senior: “A leafblower.”