Academy Chatter: What is your favorite Thanksgiving activity?

Academy Chatter:  What is your favorite Thanksgiving activity?

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Ben Richards, senior: “My mom makes a really good turkey stuffed inside another turkey.”

Micheal DeLeers, senior: “I love the stuffing my dad makes every year.”

Chris Fineout, senior: “My favorite part of Thanksgiving is loading up the minivan bright and early, driving two hours to Escanaba Michigan where we pick up Pasties and eat them at my grandma’s house for lunch.”

Stephen Lovell, senior: “Playing Dance Dance Revolution with my family is the best part of my Thanksgiving.”

Ryan O’Connell, senior: “The thing I most look forward to every Thanksgiving are cornucopias.”

Max Leigel, senior: “I most enjoy Locust Laps.”

Michael Schumacher, senior: “I love my great grandma’s muffins.”

Katie Kulick, sophomore: “Family and football because duh it’s awesome.”

Micah Dennis, sophomore: “Spending time with my family because it gives us a chance to see everyone all together and to spend time with each other.”

Janine Moreno, junior: “My favorite thing is the cranberry sauce because I am in love with cranberry sauce.”

Elijah Dercks, senior: “The food and family because it’s a great time spent creating memories.”

Drew Gunville, sophomore: “Dinner at my grandparents because the whole family is there and there is good food.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “Food duh.”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being with my family because I love them.”

Jack Mickelson, senior: “Visiting my brothers.”

Ella Hunt, senior: “MASHED POTATOES.”

Claire Rotherham, senior: “Spending time with my family in Antigo.”

Kelly Hogan, senior: “The food.”

Lexi FitzGerald, senior: “The neighborhood turkey trot.”

Sarah Zarvan, senior: “Having my extended family stay with us.”

Rachel Sladky, senior: “Spending quality time with my family and extended family.”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “Football because I like the sport.”

Danielle Reince, junior: “Food because it brings family together over a giant meal.”

Zach Sengstock, junior: “Food.”

Daniel Patz, junior: “Family and food and Macy’s Day Parade and the dog show.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “Food because I like food.”

Katja Diestler, junior: “Going to Arizona because it’s warm.”

Meghan Yakel, junior: “Going to Minnesota to see family and the food.”

Cole Cullen, junior: “The food because it’s amazing.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “The Christmas movie marathon Olivia Allen and I have each year.”

Esmeralda Vera Hernandez, junior: “When my mom cooks food.”

Ernesto Navarro, junior: “Baked ham and mashed potatoes.”

Alex McKean, junior: “I like the big Thanksgiving meal because it is a time where my whole family gets together and celebrates what we are thankful for.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “I love spending time with my family and eating delicious foods.”

Ben Boucher, junior: “I enjoy the food and also getting to spend time with family. It’s maybe one of my favorite holidays.”

Mitchell Grzybowski, senior: “Spending time with my family because I don’t get to always see them all together at once.”

Alec Hodkiewicz, senior: “Eating. I love food.”

Ana Holzbach, junior: “Dinner. I get to spend time with family.”

Hans Ernst, junior: “Turkey. It’s good.”

Cole Peters, junior: “Watching football. ‘Cuz ‘Merica.”

Matt Vanderleest, junior: “Food and family. Love both.”

Zach Roberts, junior: “Pumpkin pie. Tastes good.”

Logan Lemay, junior: “Having a fire.  I like hanging with friends and family.”

Ben Lelinski, junior: “Having a big meal with my family is my favorite part of Thanksgiving.”

Grace Balison, sophomore: “Watching the Macy’s day parade with my family and eating an early dinner.”

Madi Rentmeester, sophomore: “Food.”

Carly Noble, senior: “I don’t have Thanksgiving. I am always at a basketball tournament.”

Claire Rotherham, senior: “I enjoy going to Antigo and spending time with my family. I also enjoy the food and watching football.”

Rachel Sladky, senior: “The sparkling cider and sitting in the dining room because it’s really pretty and nicely decorated.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “Spending time with my family because I don’t get to see them often.”

Isaac Sidon, junior: “The good food, and watching football because it is always a good time.”

Kelly Lamas, senior: “Seeing my family and friends because everyone gets together.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “The delicious food because it’s my favorite.”

Marina Frechette, senior: “The food, I just love it.”

Ally Groher, senior: “The football because it’s always a good game.”

Erika Odberg, senior: “Probably just seeing my family. It’s always fun when we get together.”  

Lily Brada, junior: “Dinner because then I can stay with my family to eat turkey.”

Danielle Lippert, junior: “Probably stay at home because all my relatives will be in my home.”

Claire Sievert, junior: “Oh gosh, I would definitely have to say with my family. I choose my family because they’re always people I can count on to have around. They’re there and always will be, and that is what is important and the most valuable to me.”

Natalie Jacques, sophomore: “Seeing my family at Thanksgiving because there’s so many people.”

Julia Slusarek, sophomore: “Eating the gravy and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving because it’s so good.”

Zach Kellner, sophomore: “The time spent together cooking because it’s super fun.”

Colleen Lois, senior: “Eating turkey because it’s super good and you get to eat leftovers of it for a month.”

Seela Raj, sophomore: “Probably eating all the food.”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “Running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning because then I don’t feel so bad about all the food I eat.”

Hope Krumrei, sophomore: “Spending time with family.”

Ben Cao, senior: “Going to have a little trip with my host parents.”

Huilai Li, senior: “Having good meals because turkey tastes good.”

Herbet Tan, senior: “Having a vacation, then I can play my computer.”

Tian Zhangchi, senior: “I will going to the YMCA because I can take a break after the test that day.”

Lin Yucong, senior: “I love to eat a turkey with my family.”

Fan Jingqiu, senior: “Facetime with my parents.”

Zhang Yunmei, sophomore: “Big stuffed turkey.”

Li Huilai, senior: “My favorite Thanksgiving activity is shopping on Black Friday.”

Sun Haoyu, senior: “Playing video games by myself at home.”

Lu Han, senior: “Working out at the gym.”

Chase Mura,junior: “Food because it’s good.”

Litzy Fernandez,junior: “Bringing the family together.”

Ernesto Navarro,junior: “Food because it’s my favorite.”

Fernando Yanez,junior:  “Food because it’s good.”

Emily Gage,sophomore: “Spending time with family I haven’t seen.”

Brian Fang, junior: “Family and food.”

Yesenia Ramos,sophomore: “Eating pumpkin pie.”