Academy Chatter:  What is the best part of your day at NDA and why?


Staff Writers, Journalism I students

Mitch Chosa, junior: “Study hall with the bros because I am with the bros.”

John Allen, senior: “Study hall with the bros because I am with the bros.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Lunch because I get to eat.”

Grace Fangman, junior: “At 3:14 because it is one minute away from leaving.”

Aeva Verboort, junior: “When Max Polack visits my locker, because he loves me.”

Katherine Fangman, sophomore: “American Experience because it is fun.”

Will Sullivan, junior: “When the last bell rings because football with the boys starts.”

Liz Scott, junior: “Seeing Fuzz ‘cause he’s awesome.”

Sami Lefever, junior: “Lunch because I get to sit with friends.”

Josie Sullivan, junior: “Lunch because I get to talk to my friends.”

Ellese Martin, sophomore: “Seeing Molly at school and golf.”

Sydney Lemkuil, sophomore: “Seeing my pals at lunch.”

Abraham Gomez, freshman: “Soccer games/practice.”

Evan Witczak, sophomore: “After school playing sports.”

Emma Sullivan, freshman: “Seeing all my friends.”

Denise Aispuro, senior: “The end of the day.”

Maddie Reitz, senior: “When I go home.”

Madie Laaksonen, junior: “Gilson’s or Hollenbach’s class.”

Micah Dennis, junior: “Going home.”

Maddie Woodward, senior “Lunch and Senora Dory’s class.”

Molly Rader, sophomore: “Volleyball because it’s my favorite sport, and I love my team.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “French class because it’s fun.”

Michael Scripp, freshman: “Probably going before school and meeting friends and new friends, or knowing that I am getting a good education or the football games.”

Carlos Zaragoza, sophomore: “American Experience because of group activities.”

Jordan Bellmund, sophomore: “My favorite part is before first hour after you get all your first few classes stuff and you’re just hanging out with your friends at school and you feel ready for the school day.”

Sophie Rotherham, freshman: “Lunch because I get to see all my friends I don’t have classes with.”

Adison Karbon, sophomore: “Lunch because I get to talk to my friends and I finally get to eat.”

Taylor Massart, sophomore: “Study hall and the end of the day because I get to hang out with my pals.”

Sofia Algas, freshman: “Lunch because I get to see my other friends that I don’t really have classes with, and I can talk to people.”

Mariah Michalski, sophomore: “Mrs. Stover’s class because it’s fun and I get treats.”

Melanie Luna Guerrero, sophomore: “Lunch because I get to eat.”

Stephen Scripp, senior: “The best part of my day at NDA is eating my banana chocolate chip muffin from Konop in the morning.”

Noal Watzka, senior: “”AP prob and stats because I get to see my favorite teacher Mr. Bobinski.”

Morgan Christensen, senior: “When the bell rings at 2:25 because I can go home.”

Rachel Petermann, senior: “Lunch with my friends.”

Lauren Welker, senior: “When the last bell of the day rings.”

Kate Sullivan, senior: “The best part of my day at NDA is getting to see my friends in the hallways.”

Gracie DeGroot, senior: “Public Performance because it is a fun class.”

Grant Noble, senior: “My best part of my day at NDA is seeing all of my friends.  I wouldn’t have gone here if my friends didn’t.”

Adam Roitstein, senior: “French because I love Madame.”

Jack Allen, senior: “Seventh-hour study hall because I get to see Noah Jessick and Reese Johnson.”

Jacob Bongorino, senior: “Seeing all my friends and teachers because they bring a smile to my face!  And being able to learn 24/7 in an environment that wants me to be successful.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore: “Going to the library.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Seeing Tracy from Konop.”

Rachel Bal, sophomore: “Lunch because I get to see my pals.”

Emily Cribben, sophomore: “Lunch because I get to talk with friends and relax.”

Bella Brabazon, sophomore: “Being able to see my friends.”

Hayden Benner, sophomore:”Eighth-hour study hall.”

Brynn Cumicek, freshman: “Having classes with different people and meeting new people.”

Maddie Vincent, sophomore: “The golf team and getting to see my friends.”

Abby Wittler, sophomore: “Getting to see my friends.”

Sydney Lemkuil, sophomore: “Getting to see my friends at lunch.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Study hall because I get to be with my favorite librarian.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore: “Sitting in the library.”

Ella Tristani, junior: “Going to Campus Ministry.”

Madison Hansen, junior: “Having study hall with Ella Tristani.”

Evan Skaletski, sophomore: “When I get to see Noah Sternig run Cross Country.”

Jack Christensen, freshman: “Mrs. Brown’s class.”

Emily Cribben, sophomore: “Lunch because I don’t have to stress about school and see my friends.”

Rachel Bal, sophomore: “Lunch because i get to take a break from learning and talk to pals.”

Gioia Cumicek, sophomore: “Going to the library during study hall and talking with my pals.”

Betsy Conard, freshman: “Having lunch with my friends.”

Josie Bieker, sophomore: “Having band class with my friends.”

Stephanie Wilke, freshman: “Sixth-hour English with Mrs. Brown.”

Eli Servais, sophomore: “Hanging out with Ms. Griffith before school.”

Bryn Danen, freshman: “Playing kickball in gym class.”

Ava Vande Corpet, junior: “Seeing Mrs. Brown at lunch.”

Nadine Johnson, junior: “Hanging out with my friends.”

Chloe Greenwood, sophomore: “Sixth- hour Spanish with Señora Stover.”

Rio O’toole, sophomore: “Hanging with all my friends during lunch.”

Max Hennigan, sophomore: “Running cross country with my friends.”

Keegan Gille, sophomore: “I love the atmosphere in the hallway. It is unlike any other school I have attended, everyone is outgoing and willing to talk. Great stress relief as well as a mood booster.”

Aeva Ver Boort, junior: “Study hall because I get to see my best friend Josie.”

Grace Fangman, junior: “3:14 because then I get to go home soon.”

Fuzz French, junior: “Study hall because I am with the bros.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: “Math class because it’s with Joe Re.”

Will Sullivan, junior: “Study hall because I have it with my twin sister.”

Grady Brick, junior: “Math class because it’s with Connor Adams.”

Katherine Fangman, sophomore: “American Experience because we do a lot of different things.”

Kate Sullivan, senior: “Lunch because I get a break from my classes.”

Fritz Sehring, sophomore: “I like math class because it’s right before lunch and math is somewhat enjoyable for me.”

Mina Refardt, junior: “Lunch time because I get to socialize with others.”

Mrs. Brown, staff: “My favorite part of the day is when my students are really engaged in what we’re studying. It makes all my preparations worthwhile.”

Tori Gantz, senior: “Learning new things about my own preparations and education because it helps my self-improvement.”

Peyton Van Pelt, senior: “Journalism class because I like journalism.”

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, sophomore: “Coming to school at 6:45 in the morning because of

Tritones which I enjoy.”

Max Timmer,  sophomore: “The lunch food at Konop because it’s amazing.”

Gioia Cumicek, sophomore: “Seeing my friends at study hall because it’s a good way to get out of class.”

Cooper Bukowski, freshman: “I love social studies and learning about how we evolved.”

Michael Scripp, freshman: “Showing up early to school, doing homework and hanging out with my friends because I can hang out with my friends and do work at the same time.”

Maddie Vincent, sophomore: “Lunch time because I get to talk with my friends.”

Cassidy Noble, sophomore: “Theology because I get to sit next to Max Timmer.”

Evan Skaleski, sophomore: “Watching Noah Sternig run Cross Country because, come on, it’s Noah Sternig.”

Connor Wendricks, sophomore: “Either Yang Yang’s class or study hall with Max Timmer.”

Jack Christensen, freshman: “Mrs. Brown’s stories in her English class.”

Connor Crown, sophomore: “Lunch because I get to talk to my friends.”

Ms. Robbins, staff: “Every part of my day is my favorite part.”

Tommy Zakowski, freshman: “Journalism class because I’m with upperclassmen.”

Ethan Wheeler, senior: “Study hall with Mrs. Stanczak.”

Chandler Zak, senior: “Theology with Mrs. Stanczak.”

Howie Gerstner, sophomore: “When I get to see Max Timmer in French class.”

Sam Schmid, sophomore: “Lunch.”

Ben Smet, sophomore: “I enjoy study hall.”

Sam Van Straten, sophomore: “United faith aspect, it’s just the fact with mass and going to theology class.”

Litzy Noemi Guevara, sophomore: “The commons because you can eat food.”

Lily Kabat, junior: “Campus Ministry during lunch because I can spend time with friends and be myself.”

Stephanie Lee Huss, junior: “Seeing my friends.”

Max Hennigan, sophomore: “I suppose that I like hanging out with two of my buddies in Spanish. But I also like the teachers, but only a few, ‘ya know?”

Thomas Zakowski, freshman: “Theology class because I really like Mrs.Schmidt. I think she is a great teacher.”

Mina Refardt, junior: “Football games because we can spend time with our friends and it is something different than in Germany.”

Lauren VanGheem, sophomore: “Lunch because I get to eat with my friends.”

Marcellus Thiry, junior: “Seeing my friends and Mr.Dunlap.”

Michael DeLeers, junior: “Philosophy because it’s a great class and it gets your brain going.”