Academy Chatter:  If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for and why?  

Staff Writers

 Mrs. Joy Mayer, staff: “I wish all students could visit the Galapagos Islands because it is an amazing place to see animals up close.”   

Hannah Vanden Heuvel, junior: “I wish I could write better commentaries in English class.”

Andrew Schaut, senior: “I wish philosophy was a required class at Notre Dame Academy because so much of high school goes beyond learning and there is a need for a study of thought processes in young minds.”

Hailey Swonger, junior: “I wish I could get an A in my chemistry class.”

Matt Schumacher, freshman: “I wish that everyone will win Mrs. Brown’s brownies.”

Morgan Schram, senior: “I wish seniors wouldn’t have to go to senior seminar because our time is better spent elsewhere.”

Izzy Kellner, junior: “I wish it were summer so that I could catch up on my sleep.”

Elliot McGinnity-Schneider, junior: “I wish every day could be Friday because Thank God I’m Forgiven.”

Chloe Capomaccio, junior: “I wish every day were Saturday so I could spend all day doing homework.”

Erik Sladky, sophomore: “I wish for no school on Wednesdays so that we could get a break each week.”

Renee Porod, freshman: “I wish I could have more wishes so they would be endless.”

Tyler Foytik, senior: “I wish we had more early release days.”

Ellie Tressler, senior:  “I wish it were warm outside.”

Grace Paulson, junior:  “I wish for a snow day.”

Juliah Linzmeier, freshman:  “I wish the tennis courts were open.”

Vanessa Cortez, freshman:  “I wish classes were shorter.”

David Letter, senior: “I wish for nicer weather because I don’t like the cold.”

Eric Witmer, junior: “I wish for more wishes, so I can have more wishes.”

Olivia Berndt, freshman: “I wish to have enough money in my pocket whenever I want to buy something so I can buy it.”

Ava Vande Corput, junior: “I wish to be able to remember everything when I read, so I don’t have to study and I can know a lot more than the average person.”

Felicity Bieker, senior: “I wish to be able to play every instrument because I like music.”

Theo Van Straten, junior:  “I would wish for a pancreas because I have diabetes.”

Michael Heide, senior: “I wish for more wishes so I can have more.”

Daniel Patz, senior: “I wish for unlimited funds so I would have no problem paying for anything.”

Lucy Quidzinski, freshman: “I wish I could eat whatever I want without getting fat so I can eat more brownies.”

Courtney Romes, sophomore:  “I wish for brownies so Lucy can eat them.”