ACADEMY CHATTER: What is the most memorable Service Day you’ve had at NDA and what made it special?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Clare Burke Ravizza, senior: “Last year for NDA Serves I went to Aldo Leopold. I got to work in a classroom with a bunch of adorable kids. I helped them pot seeds for their big science project where they grew plants. We sat with them at lunch and everything. It was so fun and it really felt like I was helping out.”

Kate Stumpf, senior: “Last year I went to a nursing home, and we got to talk to the patients, which was nice. But the other part was that we had to go into the attic and throw away the clothing of the patients that had died.”

Lily Schumacher, senior: “Last year, I served at Aldo Leopold. I got to work with a 5th grade class, and one of the kids asked me if I was going to St. Norbert so I could come back all the time.”

Maig McHugh, senior: “Freshman year, I shoveled rocks at the Cathedral. It was a great workout!”

Kayla Whatley, junior: “I played with preschoolers my freshman year. We did arts and crafts! It was so fun.”

Meghan Yakel, senior: “When I went to an elementary school my sophomore year and helped organize classrooms and even got to know the teachers a little. It was cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at teachers who work with little kids.”

Katie Romes, senior: “I went to The Cerebral Palsy Center last year with Kennedy and we were able to learn things from the kids, and it was amazing.”

Peighton Milton, senior: “Junior year I got to volunteer at New Community Church and help watch kids while the moms took a class; it was special because I got to do something that I loved and in the process I was helping others.”

Tessa Hingtgen, senior: “Sewing pillows at school. Everyone was willing to help each other, and there was a great sense of community.”

Rachel Southwick, senior: “Helping out at a school and seeing how happy all the kids were with the few resources they had and helping the teachers out and making their jobs a little easier for the day.”

Anna Kaye, junior: “My most memorable Service Day was my sophomore year at the Kroc Center because I got to spend time volunteering with my friends in a cool place!”

Fernando Yanez, senior: “Probably when I went to a homeless shelter and we got to both help the people there and talk with them and learn about their stories which was cool.”

Rachel Peterman, senior: “My most memorable Service Day was my freshman year, and I raked leaves at the McCormick Home, and it was like twenty degrees out and raining and my hands froze!!”

Katherine Zeise, junior: “I don’t even remember where I went last year to be honest.”

Larry Reyes, junior: “My most memorable NDA Serves was last year when I went to St. Mary’s childcare center because it was cool to spend time with my friends while serving the community.”

Mrs. Carolyn Brown, staff:  “Every time I go to Paul’s Pantry I appreciate that Angie, the coordinator there, has lots of work for us to do.  She looks forward to our coming because we accomplish so much that needs to be done. She keeps us busy, shares her story of being homeless and needing the services there, and teaches us a lot about how they collect food and the people lined up for food.  It breaks my heart when they have to limit recipients to only three of the brown bananas or only two chicken breasts.”

Carli Wendricks, senior: “My most memorable service day was last year when I went to Green Bay Health Services, a local nursing home. We were originally supposed to do garden work, but inclement weather stopped us. We ended up spending time with the residents, and I could tell it made them really happy. Although we did not do what we originally planned, it still was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget.”

Olivia Zehms, senior: “My most memorable service day would have to be my junior year trip to St. Mary’s in Ledgeview. It was really special to me because I got to see an old family friend and work with him and his son all day. It was a great chance to do service and catch up at the same time. At the end of the day when we were leaving, they called us all together and thanked all the workers. You could definitely tell it was genuine and sincere.”

Mrs. Shelly Cowans, staff: “Last year I was with a great group of students at Curative Connection washing wheelchairs. We met a young man who was in a car accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. He talked to the students about his experience and his goals for the future. He also encouraged them to stay in school and work hard to achieve their goals. He was so optimistic, and the students really enjoyed talking to him.”

Emily Siedl, senior: “My most memorable service day was last year. We were planning to do garden work outside of an assisted living home, but because it rained, we ended up working inside. We got to socialize with the residents and play games with them. It was a really powerful experience for me.”

Gioia Cumicek, sophomore: “When I went to the Kroc Center and helped clean because it was a good way to give back to the community.”

Rachel Bal, sophomore: “Going back to my grade school, our Lady of Lourdes, because I got to revisit old teachers and classrooms and help out around the school.”

Emily Cribben, sophomore: “Going to Red Cross because it was cool to help out the community while still having fun with friends.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “My most memorable NDA Serves Day was my sophomore year at Paul’s Pantry because Madison Hansen filled up a plastic glove with sugar and threw it at my face.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore: “I loved going to Notre Dame Middle School, my grade school, because I got to see all of the people that I went to middle school with and missed seeing them everyday.”

Mrs. Amy Heyroth, staff: “Last year I went to Goodwill to sort clothing and organize shelves.”

Ashlyn Fitzgerald, senior: “Scrubbing walls at the Salvation Army because I scrubbed walls with my friends while listening to One Direction for three hours.”

Allison Rakers, senior: “My first NDA Serves freshman year because my brothers volunteered at the same place.”

Danielle Lippert, senior: “Cleaning at St. John’s homeless shelter my freshman year because we also received a tour of the place and learned about their history and how they work.”

Rebecca DeBoer, senior: “Cleaning the YMCA was my favorite service day up to date because of the variety of gum colors I experienced while scraping them off chairs.”

Hannah Ciriacks, senior: “Junior year I went to the Santa Maria nursing home, and it was really interesting listening to to all the elderly people’s stories.”

Riley Onell, sophomore:  “I was only a part of one service day but last year I had the opportunity to go to an assisted living facility for the elderly and it was a phenomenal experience working with and entertaining all of the residents there.  It made it really special putting smiles on all of the people’s faces.”