Academy Chatter: What are your plans for the summer?

Staff Writers , Advanced Journalism

Mr. Browne, principal: During the summer I hope to spend some quality time with my wife, Vicki, visit my mom and dad in Michigan, visit our cottage in Iron River where I’ll swim every day, run an ultramarathon, do a lot of canoeing, go raspberry picking, volunteer in the Children’s Edible Garden at the Brown County library, memorize all the students’ names by studying the yearbook every day, work on my Spanish, take a couple hundred mile bike trip with my friend Brother Steve Herro, teach a summer school course and take a four-day summer conference at the University of Notre Dame.  So many things to do and so little time.”

Mrs. Kirschling, staff:  “Yes, I will be attending two special weddings, one for my niece and one for a dear friend, spending a week at our condo in Wisconsin Dells, visiting my granddaughter in Bismarck, and camping with them for a week, and attending a family reunion.”

Mitchel Chosa, junior:  “I will be working at a warehouse with Schneider trucking from 9-5.”

Ian Ernst, sophomore:  “I plan on taking part in numerous musical groups throughout Wisconsin and the nation.”

Autumn Klemencic, junior: “This summer I plan on spending my days hanging out with my good friends, going to CUSA, laying out by the pool, and playing hockey in Minnesota.”

Maddie Reitz, senior: “I’m going to spend it at my cottage with my best friends.”

Meghan Yakel, senior: “Working and hanging out with friends.”

Bailei Anders, senior: “Hanging out with my friends and working at Target- come visit me!”

Tori Gantz, senior: “This summer I’ll be making my last memories in a place that I love so dearly and want to remember best I can. Once I leave for college, once we all do, I feel as if the proximity we feel to one another won’t compare to the point that we are at now. With a new life in preparation and opportunities on the horizon, for me this summer is all about saving for that. Additionally, I find most important my own individual preparation (mentally, physically, emotionally) that I’ll be doing this summer with the support and love of my family and closest friends. Once this high school stop has passed, life won’t stop moving for any of us. I feel that this summer I’ll be coming to terms with who I’ve become the past four years and the person which I aspire to embody in the next four.”

Danielle Lippert, senior: “I’ll be working and going to Florida.”

Nate Smith, senior: “Work, friends, travel.”

Alex Ecaleva, senior: “This summer I’m going to start my own business that specializes in the cultivation of creative mediums such as filmmaking/photography, lifestyle/clothing, and marketing.”

Andy Lampereur, senior: “I am working at Horseshoe Bay.”

Ryan Hornberger, senior: “I’m gonna be working.”

Ryan Zasuly, senior: “Hanging out with my friends.”

Lily Schumacher, senior: “Working.”