Academy Chatter: “If you could make one addition to Notre Dame such as a club, activity, sport, facility etc., what would it be and why?”

Staff Writers , Journalism I

Tommy Schumacher, junior: “I’d like for Mr. Browne to give us the privilege to be able to go outside for lunch.”

Juan Ruacho, junior: “ I’d like to go outside for lunch instead of staying inside because it gets really boring and other schools get to go outside for lunch.”

Autumn Klemencic, senior: “I’d like to see NDA have a pool because I would be able to go knitting under the water.”

Rebekah Boucher, senior: “I’d like to see NDA have a cheerleading team for girls, not me in genera,l for other girls who cheer.”

Grace Wheeler, senior:  “I’d like to see NDA have a sushi bar and the privilege to be able to go outside for lunch and being able to go out to eat at fast food restaurants.”

Owen Brummel, junior: “Ultimate frisbee club because it would be fun.”

Maggie Otradovec, junior: “A new stage and a pit in the auditorium because it will free up more seats during the musicals and give pit musicians more space to play.”

Avery Mcclain, junior: “Heating and air conditioning because it’s too cold in winter and too hot in the spring.”

Grant Allen, junior: “No dress code because you could wear whatever you want.”

Cathy Baeten, junior: “Off-campus lunch and longer lunch periods because we have a lot of good places around us, and it is a nice break from school.”

Grace Mongin, sophomore: “A pharmacy club because we can learn about the career path and if we actually want to partake in it.”

Aira Guevara, sophomore: “ I would like to add air conditioning to every class because it is either hot or cold.”

Izzy Spaulding, sophomore: “Add homeroom back, I really miss that.”

Renee Porod, sophomore: “Recess, it gives people a chance to socialize and let off some steam!”

Sydney Ditscheit, junior: “I would like to add complete dress-down days, not just spirit shirts, and sometimes with jeans because I think it would be fun and we could handle it.”

Mary Cortez, senior: “I would make a pool for gym class units.”

Jeremy Delgado, freshman: “I would make a wrestling team because it’s a fun strategic sport.”

Henry Vandenheuvel, sophomore: “I would have an open-campus lunch. It’s the freedom for people to eat healthy choices and the time can be used to study independently or hang out with family.”

Lizbet Cendejas, sophomore: “I would have more school days off so I could keep up with my workload.”

Autumn Klemencic, senior: “I would make an underwater basket weaving club because it is something I am passionate about.”

Julia Slusarek, senior: “Bring homeroom back.”

Trinity Janowski, senior: “Bring homeroom back weekly.”

Larry Reyes, senior: “Bring the boys volleyball team back.”

Ethan L. Motquin, senior: “Add workshops to the school.”

Nate Weslow, sophomore : “We need to get rid of the dress code because its uncomfortable.”

Katie Vercauteren, freshman: “Let us have gum in class because it helps you  concentrate.”

Mr. Cassidy Mcgowan, staff: Should be required to do one extra club or sports because it’s a good way to help the student feel like they belong.”  

Mrs. Katie Bialk, staff: “Having block periods because you can have more time to work on work.”  

Ms Ciera Gerl, staff: “Add  more color in the school because it would make school more interesting to others and not boring.”  

Adison Karbon, junior: “I would add an equestrian team because then there would be other opportunities to people to participate in things besides traditional sports.”

Cassidy Noble, junior: “I would have a baking club where you just share recipes and desserts.”

Hannah VanDen Heuvel, senior: “A recording studio, to be able to record with Tritones and expand our own musicianship independently.”

Allie Johnson, sophomore: “If I could make one addition to Notre Dame’s clubs and sports it would be to add a field hockey team.”

Juliah Linzmeier, sophomore: “Definitely rock climbing because I love the feeling of accomplishing a really hard route (a series of steps one has to climb in order and that is based on difficulty).”

Molly Rader, junior: “I would add a picnic club for when there aren’t enough chairs at the lunch tables. Bring blankets and folding chairs!”

Caragan Olles, junior: “I would have more opportunities for students to walk around instead of sitting in desks all day because sitting for seven hours a day is too long.”

Bella Weslow, junior: “A movie club because you could watch movies with your friends.”

Mariah Michalski, junior: “A swimming pool because then we can have a swim team.”

Ashley Lemens, junior: “Nothing because I enjoy the activities we already have here.”

Caleb Baeten, senior: “AC for the summer and better heating in the winter ‘cause some classes make you feel like you’re outside.”

Claire Kini, senior: “Phone zone so I can keep in touch with my buddies that I never see during the day.”

Ryan Martin, senior: “Scooters to ride in the halls because it would help me get to my classes quicker.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “A Starbucks because I think it would go over very well at anytime of the day!”

Grady Brick, senior: “More cameras so we don’t get vandalized again.”

Mary Cortes, senior: “That’s tough, maybe a Latinos Club which is strictly for Hispanics to talk about their time and even challenges at Notre Dame and help one another have a good time.”

Chantal Garza, sophomore: “I don’t know if this answers completely, but I would petition for off-campus lunch but have restrictions so everyone comes back for class.”

Grace Wheeler, senior: “I would start a self-defense club because it’s important to know how to defend yourself.”

Leonardo Rodriguez, sophomore: “ Probably make a club for kids that have problems at home or depression so they feel welcome.”

Arnold Gonzales, sophomore: “I would have a club that teaches us how the outside life is. Like what are taxes? How do we cook good meals? What is face-to face-communication? We go to school to learn but I feel like they don’t teach us of the outside work as much as they should. How do we pay or do taxes? I would add something that goes beyond school lessons and basically teaches you how the real life is.”

Anastasia Geigel, senior: “I wish we still had film photography club with Mr. Gray. It was cool to be able to use the black room and work on our focus of our subjects.”

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, junior: “Different cultures’ dance club.”

Tara Janas, sophomore: “Archery club.”

Ellen Meeuwsen, junior: “A Ben Platt Club.”

Drew Gunville, senior: “AC and heat.”

Mary Cortes, senior:  “An on-campus softball field because the team earned it.”

Bailee Malcore, senior: “A way to earn more jeans days because we should be rewarded for working hard.”

Karenna Lamm, senior: “ Off-campus lunch for seniors because we deserve it.”

Elliot McGinnity Schneider, senior: “Bring back APPP because we all need allies.”

Mia Turek, senior: “Food Club because I’m hungry.”

Mrs. VW, teacher: “I would love to see a shop class or automotive class to get kids involved in the trades.”

Jada Ver Boort, sophomore: “A swim team because others schools have it.”

Emma Rose Sonnenburg, sophomore: “Buzzfeed Unsolved society, it would be a fun activity for fans to have conversations about the show and make videos of their own.”

Meredith James, sophomore: “I would love to see a Quidditch club because for our fellow Harry Potter fans, it would be fun and Frau could ref.”

Mrs. Stanczak,teacher: “Hands on Stems engineering and culinary class. I want NDA to be able to provide academic opportunity for students.”

Lydia Smith, freshman: “ I would make a club on making cool science experiment because I enjoy doing that.”

Jada Ver Boort, sophomore: “A swim team because most schools have one and it would be cool.”

Grace Fangman, senior: “I would add a swim team or a swimming pool so the kids who participate in swimming can here at school too.”
Maya Filon, senior: “Swim team because it would draw a lot more students and every other school has one.”
Cole Whatley, senior: “More parking spots because the school is getting bigger.”
Ethan Motquin, senior: “Workshop class so people know how to function in the real world.”
Jadyn Kulesa, junior: “I would add a softball field so students would have an easier time getting to the games and supporting the team.”

Diego Sepulveda, junior: “I would add a zoology class because we don’t have a class that has a main focus on animals.”

Goretty Juarez, junior: “I would add swimming because swimming is an important sport that combines all the sports into one.”

Ared Hernandez, junior: “Off-campus lunch. That way we can interact with people more and we can get to know more people.”

Jessica Wu, junior: “Ping pong team because I like to play ping pong.”

Abigail VanOoyen, junior: “I wish that Notre Dame had an open campus lunch, so we could have more options for lunch.”

Sydney Lemkuil, junior: “I wish Notre Dame had a pool.”

Adison Karbon, junior:  “I would add an equestrian team.”

Clara Blumriech, junior: “I wish Notre Dame had a girls’ football team. ”

Hannah Guyette, junior: “I wish we were allowed to use our phones during passing time and during lunch.”