Academy Chatter: What is your favorite thing about Fall Fest?

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Ben LaLuzerne, senior: “Dinner with the boys.”

Bella Brabazon, junior: “Performing at The Great Battle.”

Kyle Griesbacher, senior: “The shortened classes for TGB.”

Anna Grzelak, senior: “I am most excited to watch The Great Battle.”

Hannah Vanden Heuvel, senior: “I am most excited to be able to have fun creating outfits for the special dress days.”

Cassidy Noble, junior: “I like the shortened schedules or the dress days.”

Evan Skaletski, junior: “I like the Brewers game.”

George Kress, sophomore: “The dress days.”

Emily Lin, junior: “Powder Puff and I like the dance too.”

Maddie Vincent, junior: “Probably the dress days.”

Anna Smith, sophomore: “My favorite part is watching the TGB performance and going out to dinner before the dance with my friends.”

Brynn Greil, sophomore: “Hanging out with my friends at the dance, taking pictures and dancing.”

Melanie Burnell, sophomore: It would most likely be the dress-up days.”

McKenna Kazik, sophomore: “The dance!”

Trent Janowski, sophomore: “I injured my foot so I won’t be able to go to the dance, so TGB will be my favorite part of Fall Fest.”

Taylor Massart, junior: “I’m excited for the different dress days.”

Jack Schumer, junior: “I’m pumped for the dance.”

Molly Rader, junior: “I’m looking forward to the dress down days.”

Karenna Lamm, senior: “Having a good time with my friends at our last Fall Fest dance.”

Hannah Guyette, junior: “I’m excited for the fun dress days.”

Gioia Cumicek, junior: “Being with my friends.”

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “Seeing the new dance setup.”

Mrs. Hall, staff: “The Battle of the Blocks.”

Jaci Brady, junior: “The dance.”

Logan Skaletski, junior: “Dressing up.”

Heidi Lulloff, sophomore: “Dancing and the after events!”
Will Schneider, senior: “Dinner because I am going to Plae Bistro.”
Ben Laluzerne, senior: “I am most looking forward to dinner.”
Ethan Motquin, senior: “I am looking forward to what happens after the dance.”
Michael Pack, junior: “I do not even go to the dance.”

Leonardo Rodriguez, sophomore: “I really just look forward to wearing my normal clothes and having a good time.”

Alek Martinez, freshman: “I really look forward to going to the dance with the girl I asked to go, and having a good time.”

Christian Martinez, sophomore: “I honestly won’t go to the dance, but I sure do look forward to being home and playing Fortnite.”

Juan Ruacho, junior: “I look forward to wearing my versace suit.”

Chloe Greenwood, junior: “I really look forward do spending an amazing night with all my friends and taking pictures.”

Matteo D’Alessandro, freshman: “The dance and hanging out with friends.”

Audrey Sladek, senior: “Taking pictures at the NEW Zoo.”

Courtney Ledvina, senior: “Taking pictures and dinner with my friends.”

Karenna Lamm, senior: “Hanging out with friends and being in the front for the dances.”

Charles Peterson, junior: “Dancing to the music with my friends.”

Floyd Silas, junior: “To either perform in the talent show with my buddies or to see how beautiful my girlfriend is going to look at the dance.”

Megan Zasuly, junior: “Sadly I cannot attend the dance so I am excited to be competing inTGB.”

Katie Zasuly, freshman: “I am most excited for my first Fall Fest and getting dressed up with my friends.”

Jack Kress, junior: “Participating in the trivia challenge with my buddies.”

Tim Geocaris, junior: “I am excited to dance at Fall Fest.”

Ben Wiesner, senior: “The dance is really fun.”

Ben LaLuzerne, senior: “Dinner, any dinner.”

Cole Whatley, senior: “Spending time with all my friends.”

Ryan Martin, senior: “The music choices are usually my favorite at the dance.”

Matthew Hummel, senior: “Pictures.”

Julia Augustian, sophomore: “Powder Puff, I love to play football with my friends.”

Sophie Rotherham, sophomore: “Dinner with my friends before the dance.”

Rachel Van Hefty, sophomore: “I’m excited to dance all night at the dance.”

Mrs. Campbell, teacher: “TGB, I like to see Owen’s video.”

Ruth Schlumpf, sophomore: “Having fun with my friends and my date at the dance, especially dancing to fun music.”

Owen Campbell, sophomore: “I think the Great Battle is incredible!”