Academy Chatter: What is your favorite Mr. NDA memory?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

Mrs. VW, staff: “Kevin Robinson’s synchronized swimming skit.”

Mrs. Campbell, staff: “Bobby Elliot’s entire performance.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Being Nate’s rampeteer sophomore year.”

Ammerae Peebles, sophomore: “Charlie spitting water at everyone.”

Ally Robb, senior: “Ryan O’Connell.”

Cole Whatley, senior: “Jack Pavek sang and played the ukulele for his best friend Jack Weid, really made my heart sad.”

Ellie Rose, junior: “Being an escort last year.”

Will Templeton, senior: “Jack Weid and Jack Paveck’s tight pant skit.”

Autumn Klemencic, senior: “Watching Fuzz.”

Ethan L. Motquin, senior: “Watching all my friends participate in it.”

Caragan Olles, junior: “Andrew Zipp’s tutu dance.”

Sam Schmidt, junior: “Realization that girls are allowed in it.”

Hannah Wiese, sophomore: “Charlie Lemkuil’s talent act.”

Owen Campbell, sophomore: “John Strut’s talent performance.”

Tommy Zakowski, sophomore: “Hearing the hype surrounding it, the light shows, and the videos that make me laugh.”

Anna Schaut, senior: “Jack Pavek’s tight pants.”

Mrs. Stanczak, staff: “Tommy Durkin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T with football guys and Coach Nowak.”

Karen Montes, freshman: “My most memorable Mr.NDA memory will be this year when I go to see who gets selected. I am a freshman so I don’t know much yet.”

Alek Martinez, freshman: “My most memorable Mr. NDA memory will be watching the people get eliminated.”

Christian Martinez, sophomore: “My most memorable Mr. NDA memory was when I went to see my first Mr. NDA last year. It was pretty cool.”

Sophia Woodward, junior: “My most memorable Mr. NDA would have to be when I was a freshman two years ago. It was hilarious.”

Ellese Martin, junior: “My most memorable Mr. NDA would have been last year’s when one of my friends was a judge.”

Sra. Dory, teacher: “When Ross Warpinski won.”

Carter Olles, alumni (class of 2017): “Teddy Suda’s entrance to ‘Bodies.’”

Hannah Vanden Heuvel, senior: “When Greg Young did a towel dance with his friend.”

Maggie Otradovec, junior: “Singing onstage in Jack Flis’ intro.”

Grace Fangman, senior: “Being in Fuzz’s skit last year.”

Emily Lin, junior: “Watching all of the contestant’s intro videos.”

Cassidy Noble, junior: “Watching my sister emcee.”

Sydney Lemkuil, junior: “Being Fuzz French’s rampeteer.”

Emma Paulson, junior: “Fuzz French’s skit last year.”

Tyas Tlachac-Sydney, sophomore: “Nate Ihlenfeldt’s talent act.”

Evan Connelly, junior: “My favorite Mr. NDA memory was when my parents had me uber there instead of driving me last year.”

Bethany Martinez, junior: “My favorite part was looking at the videos because they’re funny.”

Bo Buckley, junior: “Mike and Jon Fry’s dance.”

Josh Delange, junior: “Mike Gregoire and Jon Fry.”

Jasmin Ortiz, junior: “Being part of it.”

Jared LaFond, junior: “My favorite memory from it was that it was very funny.”

Will Ernst, junior: “Charlie Urick’s intro with Frau’s daughter.”

Taylor Massart, junior: “Seeing all the funny intros.”

Elizabeth Richards, sophomore: “As an intro video, Marty Metzler killed another contestant and hid his body in a closet at my parents’ store where he worked.”

Anna Grzelak, sophomore: When Charlie Lemkuil and his group squirted water out of their mouths at each other as their talent.”

Taylor LeFeve, sophomore: My favorite Mr. NDA memory is Ben Lelinski wearing crocs with a kilt during his performance.”

Anna Zimmermann, sophomore: My favorite Mr. NDA was last year when I got to be Eric Weyker’s rampeteer.”