Academy Chatter: What was your favorite part of the Academy Awards?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

Sophie Le Mieux, senior: “The senior girls dance”

Helen Treankler, senior: “Being a part of Grady Brick’s skit”

Kayla Whatley, senior: “Josh Cribbon’s anger interpretation.”

David Scolare, junior: “Evan Walczyk impersonating Mr. Lagerman.”

Madeline Darling, senior: “The cheerleading skit.”

Cathy Baeten junior: “Owen Brummel’s skit”

Ared Hernandez junior: “Henry Wied’s Family Feud and Katherine Zeise’s cheerleading skit.”

Ms. Kayla Robbins, staff: “Riley’s rollerblading routine.”

Tommy Tressler, junior: “Katherine Zeise’s skit.”

Albert Yanez, junior: “Henry’s skit.”

Adison Karbon, junior: “Seeing the talent acts.”

Autumn Klemencic, senior: “Riley Onell and Bo’s Blade Of Glory skit.”

Gioia Cumicek, junior: “Owen’s intro video.”

Riley Onell, junior: “I liked Owen’s video.”

Charlie Wied, junior: “Yes.”

Caragan Olles, junior: “Katherine Ziese and Mitch Chosa’s skit.”

Mariah Michalski, junior: “The talent portion of the show.”

Sam Schmid, junior: “Seeing Josh Cribben’s cute face.”

Sam Mecklenburg, junior: “The end when they were all sitting there–it looked really cool.”

Xander Roberts, sophomore: “Definitely Riley Onell and Bo Buckley’s skit.”

Catherine Goffard, sophomore: “Max Timmer’s comedy aspect and dance.”

Isabell Spaulding, sophomore: “Fuzz French’s singing.”

Anna Kyles, sophomore: “Max Timmer because I was in the video.”

Priscilla James, sophomore: “For sure Owen Brummel’s Bob Ross video”

Abby Meyer, senior: “Charlie Sauter’s black-light skit because it was unique.”
Colleen Philbin, senior: “The intro videos because they were funny and so different.”
Jada Ver Boort, sophomore: “My favorite part was being a rampeteer for Riley because it was a fun experience.”
Josh Cribben, senior: “Just how supportive everyone was during the show.”
Brelyn McCarron, senior: “Watching all of the talents because they were really interesting and funny.”

Ashley Lemens, junior: “Definitely Henry Weid’s and Josh Cribben’s talent acts.”

Molly Rader, junior: “Going out to eat beforehand with my friends.”

Alana Bergin, junior: “The intro videos.”

Lauren VanGheem, junior: “The talent portion of the show.”

Chris Mitchell, freshman: “The Blades of Glory skit by Riley and Bo.”

Megan Zasuly, junior: “All the intro videos, they were so creative.”

Julia Slusarek, senior: “It was all so good, I cannot decide.”

Keegan Gille, junior: “Fuzz singing.”

Tyas Sydney, sophomore: “James Bosco’s skit.”

Maddie Gage, sophomore: “I liked Owen Brummel’s video with him playing the guitar.”

Ms. Kayla Robbins, staff: “The talent portion because a lot of the acts showcased talents and were funny.”

Owen Campbell, sophomore: “Katherine Zeise talent portion.”

Kyra Merriman, sophomore: “Bob Ross intro by Owen Brummel.”

Chloe Forbes, sophomore: “Owen Brummel’s intro.”

Maggie Otradovec, junior: “Owen Brummel’s talent because it reminded me of my grandpa who passed this summer.”

Grace Balison, senior: “Being able to be very involved because when people say it’s the best part of high school they aren’t wrong.”

Grace Fangman, senior: “Making the smart choice to turn away when my boyfriend (Bo Buckley) did the splits.”

Cassidy Noble, junior: “Henry Wied’s Family Feud skit.”

Parker Olson, junior: “Evan Walcyk’s Mr. Lagerman impression.”

Jasmin Ortiz, junior: “My favorite part of the Academy Awards was seeing the happiness it brings to our community.”

Bethany Martinez, junior: “My favorite part was when I saw Howie perform; he is really funny.”

Juan Ruacho, junior: “My favorite part was being able to see who the actual winner was. I thought it was pretty cool.”

Margaret Pack, freshman: “My favorite part was seeing the girls perform. I hope to be on that stage someday. That would be so cool.”

Emma Paulson, sophomore: “When Max Timmer kept saying ‘we’re the dancers’ in Keegan Gille’s skit.”

Garrett Moureau, senior:  “Josh Cribben’s act because he roasted so many teachers and it was hilarious.”
Mr. Daniel Kriegl, staff: “Father Christian’s prayer.”
Sam Limoni, sophomore: “When Evan played Mr. Lagerman, it was great.”
Tim Turek, sophomore: “Josh’s skit. That was hilarious.”

Aeva Verboort, senior: “Owen’s intro video because it was hilarious.”

Sam Schmidt, junior: “Seeing Josh Cribben’s adorable face.”

Melanie Luna Guerrero, junior: “Katherine’s talent. It was really funny.”