Academy Chatter: What is your favorite class at NDA and why?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Katherine Walch, junior: “Spanish III is my favorite class because I love Senora Dory and all the people in it.”

Alex Broullire, junior: “I enjoy Spanish III 8th hour because we are always very productive.”

Molly Fitzgerald, freshman: “My favorite class is ICP because in the class I have learned a lot of great study habits that I can use through the rest of high school and college.”

Abby Meyer, senior: “Spanish because I love Senora Dory.”

Max Timmer, junior: “Theology with Mrs. Hall or IB English with Mrs. Brown because they are both pretty fun classes.”

Riley Onell, junior: “French because I think it’s fun.”

Vit Nosek, junior: “Global Politics because it provides me many opportunities to discuss many topics and learn about certain political situations around the world.”

Evan Witczak, junior: “ICP because it was a good introduction for high school and to learn valuable study skills.”

Cassidy Noble, junior: “IB English because it’s Mrs. Brown.”

Jake Gryboski, senior: “Personal Finance because I get to be by Evan Witczak, and it’s just an all around good time.”

Michael Hummel, junior: “Calculus because my best friends are in it.”

Jack Schumer, junior: “Politics because it’s interesting and Bella is in the class too.”
Bella Zingler-Hostlet, junior: “Chemistry because we get to do super fun labs!”
Theo VanStraten, senior: “My College Credit Calculus class because what is more fun than Mr. Geiser and integrals?
Molly Rader, junior: “College Credit Calculus because I love Mr. Geiser’s jokes.”

Emily Landwehr, junior: “My favorite class at NDA is Mrs. Gilson’s HJE because she brings energy to the classroom and makes learning fun.”

Adison Karbon, junior: “My favorite class at NDA is Mr. Geiser’s calc class because Mr. Geiser has some weird sayings.”

Lauren Van Gheem, junior: “My favorite class at NDA is Spanish because Dory is awesome.”

Sam Schmid, junior: “My favorite class at NDA is study hall because that’s my time to watch Fortnite videos.”

Chloe Greenwood, junior: “My favorite class at NDA is English with Ms. Robbins.”

Colleen Philbin, senior: “Physics because of the teacher and I enjoy the math part.”

Benj VanHandel, senior: “French because it is super interesting,”

Abby Meyer, senior: “Public Performance because it gives everyone the opportunity to go out of their comfort zone.”

Bo Buckley, junior: “Mrs. Robbins because she is a beauty.”

Madison Hansen, senior: “Advanced Child and Family because I learn about real life.”

Gioia Cumicek, junior: “Journalism because Mrs. Brown’s humor is a good start to the morning.”

Lauren VanGheem, junior: “Journalism because I’m a good writer.”

Sam Schmid, junior: “Whatever class Howie Gerstner is in because his eyelashes are a pleasure to see.”

Jaci Brady, junior: “English because it’s easy and Mrs. Hinch is really nice.”

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “Study hall because I have Adison in this class, and we get nothing done.”