Academy Chatter: What was the highlight of your spring break?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “Hanging out by the beach.”

Payton Winkler, junior: “When my friend entrusted me with information.”

Maddie Vincent, junior: “I went parasailing.”

Grace Mongin, sophomore: “I was on a driving lesson, and the car broke down, and I almost died when I was walking to my house.”

Ms. Kimberly Ulmen, staff: “I enjoyed the sounds of the Irish band Gaelic on St. Patrick’s day; this Polish girl enjoyed being Irish for a day.”

Emily Kulick, sophomore: “I went swimming with dolphins.”

Michael Hummel, junior: “My sister came home from college.”

Shay Caldwell, junior: “I got to see my friends and go to the beach.”

Jack Gagnon, sophomore: “I caught a shark and slept a lot.”

Jannae Walden, sophomore: “I slept a lot.”

Jordan Bellmund, junior: “My highlight was working with people I never see in school and having a great time on the Canton trip!”

Tim Turek, sophomore: “Getting pushed by dolphins.”
Ethan L. Motquin, senior: “Seeing no one I know and having two weeks off.”
Courtney Romes, junior: “The highlight of my spring break was spending time doing service in Canton, Mississippi.”
Will Urick, junior: “It definitely has to be running in the mud in socks in Canton.”