Academy Chatter: What is your favorite class so far this year?

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Academy Chatter Question:  What is your favorite class so far this year?

Charlie Wied, senior: “I enjoy Mrs. Thillman’s IB English class because I sit next to Sam Schmid.”

 Sophia Woodward, senior: “Spanish class with Senora Stover because she is very energetic and enthusiastic about teaching.” 

 Riley Onell, senior: “Second hour study hall with Mrs. Thillman. I believe she’s a great teacher and we have a special bond.” 

Sam Schmid, senior: “Mandarin because I don’t know what anyone is saying.” 

Joel Meglic, senior: “Lunch, because I like food and friends, in that order.” 

Cade Milton, sophomore:  “Math because Mr. Guyette gives life lessons everyday and it’s deep.”

Kyra Merriman, junior: “My favorite class this year is philosophy. I love getting a deeper look into thought itself and society. Having a new way of analyzing and exploring is so interesting!”

Tommy Tressler, senior: “My favorite class this year is prayer and spirituality because Mrs. Stanczak is a bomb teacher.”

Corbin Skinner: “English because I get to learn historical literature.”

Eddie Noble, sophomore: “Favorite class is IB History because IB History is not a traditional history class where facts and research are taught. IB History challenges the students to research history and develop an understanding in the way a historian thinks.”

Sarah Lelinski, senior: “My favorite class is Mr. Kreigl’s Christian discipleship because he doesn’t beat around the bush. Instead he tells us how it is.”

Charlotte Linker, sophomore: “So my favorite is Biology, I think, because I love biology and nature and how life goes and all the stuff.”

Josephine Bieker, senior: “Philosophy because the material is really interesting and engaging and with it being the second year everyone is more comfortable talking and participating in discussion.”

Elizabeth Hoeppner, senior: “I am really enjoying College English with Mr.Stary! I like the way that he incorporates our readings into class discussions.”

Catharina Baeten, senior: “My favorite class is IB Psychology! I love it because I want to major in it, and it is such an interesting field of study. Mr.Rudar is a cool teacher too.”

Adison Karbon, senior: “My favorite class is English because of Mr. Stary’s jokes.”

Anna Lippert, sophomore: “Senora Dory’s Spanish class because I have all my best friends there, and she was a wonderful director for the play so I was thrilled to get to have her as a teacher.”

Jacob Massart, sophomore: “Spanish II 8th hour with Dory because she is such a fun teacher and all of my friends are in that class with me.”

Sophia Hornberger, sophomore: “Mrs. Corriveau’s class is my favorite because she keeps class fun while teaching us.”

Grace Gunville, sophomore: “My favorite class this year so far is probably Mr. Alexander’s English class or Mr. Dory’s US History class because they’re both fun teachers and make class easy and enjoyable.“

Anthony Brunette, sophomore: “My favorite class is science with Mr. Prudish because it is the end of the day and it’s with my friends.”

Shayla Cauldwell, senior: “Politics because it’s really interesting hearing everyone’s different viewpoints.” 

Ian Ernst, senior: “Band because I get to see my best friend Ellen in the hallway on the way to it.” 

Emily Hoeppner, freshman: “Band because it’s fun.” 

Callie Raacke, junior: “My philosophy class because I enjoy thinking differently.” 

Molly Kukiela, sophomore: “Social studies because I like my teacher and I love history.”  

Caleb Steffel, junior:  “Advanced Strength and Conditioning because I get to bench.”

Will Zellner, junior : “Honors Junior English because of the people and the vibe.”

Noah Jaeckels, junior:  “Advanced Bio because it’s challenging.”

Jack Christensen, junior:  “Ib Philosophy. I like the way it makes us think differently.”

Alan Schneider, sophomore:  “Study hall because I get to do my work.”

Joey Bonadonna, sophomore: “GeoTrig because Mr. Konshak is very helpful in furthering my education.”

Sean Manning, sophomore: “Spanish II with Mrs. Dory because she’s always making class interesting and fun.”

Chris Charles, sophomore: “Band because I like to play music and it is fun.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “Gym class because of Mr. Nowak’s fun and engaging activities.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore: “My favorite class this year at NDA is Spanish because Mrs. Dory is a fun and engaging teacher.”

Abraham Gomez, junior: “My favorite class is math and my favorite teacher is Mr.Geiser.” 

Naten Weslow, junior: “ My favorite class I don’t know and my favorite teacher is Ms.Gerl the young one.” 

Esteban Rubio, freshman: “My favorite class is study hall and my favorite teacher is Mr. Nowak.”

Juan Ruacho, senior:  “My favorite class is Robotics and my favorite teacher is Mr.Yang Yang.”

Megan Zasuly, senior: “My favorite class is philosophy because it makes me think in a different way than other classes do and keeps me engaged throughout the whole class period.”

Nicholas Weslow, freshman: “My favorite class is theology because I am thinking of pursuing a life of faith, and theology will help me.”

Thomas Geocaris, freshman: “My favorite class is probably Strength and Conditioning because I strive to put in effort away from the field and ice rink. In strength and conditioning, I can grow in strength to pursue my goal of being a professional athlete.”

Nicholas Scott, sophomore: “It would have to be American Experience because of my teacher Mr. Stary. I think he is a very interactive and fun guy.”

Connor Crown, senior: “My favorite class of the day is English because Mrs. Brown always brings a fun attitude to the class.”

Nathan Weslow, junior: “Chemistry because I am looking forward to labs this year.”

Tyler Juneau, junior: “Global politics because Mr. Grey is a very cool teacher that doesn’t give too much homework.”

Joshua Revolinsky, junior: “ Earth Science because I enjoy nature.”

Gavin Forbes, freshman:  “German 1 because the teacher is lit.”

Soo-Yin Brown, sophomore: ”Mrs. Stanzak because we do not get homework on the weekends.” 

Sammey Treml, junior:  “Math because I love Mr Konshak and he makes life so much better.” 

Lauren Schauer, senior:  “Theology because Mr. Kreigl is so passionate about what he’s teaching.” 

Oliva Lin, sophomore: “ Chemistry Because Mrs. Flichum is super fun and chill.” 

Lizzy Parish, sophomore:  “Art with Ms. Bradshaw because she’s really into teaching us about art.”