Academy Chatter: What is your favorite part of Fall Fest Week and why?

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Tyler Neveau, sophomore: “Knowing that we helped a good cause was probably the best thing aside from the TGB video.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “My favorite part of the week was the TGB video on Friday.”

Joey Bonadonna, sophomore: “My favorite part of Fall Fest was Mr. Konshak’s charity campaign for the kids.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore:  “My favorite part of Fall Fest was TGB because the video was cool.”

Felix Neta, sophomore: “My favorite part was the TGB video.”

Emilie Chamberlain, freshman: “I really liked being able to wear comfortable clothes and just to have fun dressing up to the theme with my friends because it’s nice to be comfortable and it’s fun dressing up to fit the theme.” 

Molly Kukiela,sophomore: “I really like the dress up days.” 

Briana Fitzgerald, junior: “My favorite part of Fall Fest Week are fundraising activities because it shows how much other students care about helping others.”

Sydney Ditscheit, senior: “Dressing up.” 

Elizabeth Hoeppner, senior: “The Mashed Potato Bar is one of my favorite parts of Fall Fest Week. Food is something that always seems to bring people together, and this is no exception. Getting potatoes with my friends and trying all kinds of crazy combinations is so much fun!”

Charlie Wied, senior: “My mom gets to pick out new outfits for me.”

Riley Onell, Senior: “I love that we have a home football game before the dance.”

Heidi Luloff, junior: “The dance is my favorite part. I like to dress up and hang out with friends.”

Sam Schmid, senior: “I love the spirit it gives off; there’s jazz in the air.”

Tommy Zakowski, junior: “I like being able to wear stuff I wouldn’t wear anywhere else.”

Caleb Ledvina, senior: “I like the dress-up days because we get out of uniform for once, and I also like the dance.”

Karen Cendejas, senior: “I love getting to dress up for all different themes and raise money while doing it. I think it is a great way to get people involved in donating while having fun.”

Bridget Charles, senior: “I like the dress days and the mashed potato bar because I do not like wearing uniform all the time and mashed potatoes are good.”

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, senior: “My favorite part of Fall Fest Week has to be the dance because that is when I get to bring my boyfriend again and just enjoy the night.”

Sylvana Windey, senior: “My favorite thing about Fall Fest Week is the community aspect of hanging out with my friends like The Great Battle.”

Anna Lippert, sophomore: “My favorite part of Fall Fest Week is TGB because it is such a good break from studying and classes and gives the students a time to be together in different settings other than the classroom.”

Harrison James, sophomore: “Dressing up because it allows you to express yourself freely.”

Jack Kress, senior: “The TGB competition because I think the show is absolutely hilarious.”

Corbin Skinner, senior: “The special food day because it’s always good.”

Kennedi Turriff, junior: “Dressing up because it’s fun to see everyone wearing fun stuff and being out of uniform and having a good time with the themes.”

Izzy Spaulding, junior: “TGB–it’s kinda fun to watch everyone, and even if it’s not very funny it’s a good way to get out of class.”

Tola Adejumo, junior: “My favorite part of Fall Fest Week is seeing the talent during TGB.”

Kai Assef, senior: “Getting to wear regular clothes because they’re comfortable.”

Hana Reitz, senior: “Not having to wear a uniform.”

Reid Milton, senior: “TGB and the dress down days”

Emmett Lawton, freshman: “Dress down days.”

Sydney VanWychen, senior: “I enjoy the dress down days.”

Tommy Geocaris, freshman: “I enjoy making myself look like an idiot while I dress up.” 

Sophie Hornberger, sophomore: “Special dress days.”

Jacob Massart, sophomore: “The fundraiser.”

Grace Gunville, sophomore: “Not being in uniform.”

Soo-Yin Brown, sophomore: “Friday because of the theme of what we can wear.”

Sammy Treml, sophomore:  “Not having to wear uniform.”

Sydney Lemkuil, senior:  “Being able to wear comfortable clothes.”

Katie Vercauteren, sophomore: “I like TGB and the dress days.” 

Carlene Goral, sophomore: “The themes for the dress down days.”

Jake Huss, junior: “Because I get to wear my hoodies!”

Alan Schneider, sophomore: “That classes are shorter for TGB.”

Anthony Farone, junior:  “The special dress days.”

Seth Baeten, junior:  “That the dance is actually a week after Fall Fest week so it is like a salty surprise.”

Sam Ruffell, junior:  “The fall part.”