Academy Chatter: What is the best part of being a Triton?

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Katie Vercauteren sophomore: “Knowing that I go to a good Catholic school. I am proud to say I am a triton.” 

Soo-Yin Brown, sophomore: “Going to a school that shows great discipline and teaches you the things you need to know, like a college preparation school.”

Carlene Goral, sophomore: “The people around me and in the school are so kind and caring.”

Lauren Schauer senior: “Knowing that I have a second family that has my back and that I will be ready for the next step, college.”  

Jaci Brady, senior: “We are Catholic and excellent and being a part of Triton tennis.” 

Maggie Otradovec, senior: “I like how invested the teachers are in our learning.” 

Cathy Baeten, senior: “It’s an environment that helps me thrive.” 

Charlie Wied, senior: “Seeing Mrs. Thillman everyday.” 

Ian Ernst, senior: “The wonderful support we get for our future.” 

Izzy Spaulding, junior: “I don’t know what the best part is, but it’s definitely not the lanyards.”

Ammerae Peebles, junior: “Konop’s chill I guess.”

Ethan Otto, junior: “Mr. Alexander.”

Leonardo Rodriguez, junior: “The friendly teachers.”

Tola Adejumo, junior: “The community. Everyone cares about each other.”

Kai Assef, senior: “My favorite part of being a Triton is being around my classmates. Take Evan Witczak, for example. Cute kid, super smart, and he has that sassy edge that just piques your interest and makes you want to monitor his blood pressure while he sleeps.” 

Federrico Auricchio, freshman: “Being able to interact with my fellow Tritons.”

Jacob Limoni, sophomore: “My favorite part is aslo being able to interact with my fellow Tritons.” 

Emmett Lawton, freshman: “The best part about being a Triton is the pride that comes with going here.”

Reid Milton, senior: “Meeting new people and having those shared memories for the rest of my life.”

Ben Gregory, senior: “The best part about being a Triton is coming to school each day and feeling like there are people that you belong with and look forward to seeing each day.”

Federrico Auricchio, freshman: “Being able to meet role models like Owen.”

Leya Abujamra, senior: “Being able to see Owen Brummel every day.”

Joseph Stumpf, freshman: “Being a part of the cross country team.”

Jack Christensen, junior. “Being a fan for some great sports teams.”

Isaac Nowak, freshman. “I love having a good lunch every day.”

Joey Bonadonna, sophomore: “Not only the athletic success, but the renowned academic success.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “The sense of community and family with your fellow Tritons.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore: “The great teachers at NDA.” 

Sean Manning, sophomore: “The great kids and teachers.”

Charlie Rickards, sophomore: “Getting to know new friends.”

Jack Gagnon, junior: “Waking up knowing that I have the privilege of going to Notre Dame Academy!”

Jake Huss, junior: “Wearing the uniform.”

Dom Vanden Elzen, junior: “Having to shave every three days to not get a referral!”

Anna Lippert, sophomore: “The best part about being a Triton is how everything at the school feels like a big family.”

Grace Gunville, sophomore: “Our extracurricular opportunities.”

Sophie Hornberger, sophomore: “The best part of being a Triton is that we’re not just students going to school. We’re a family.”

Anna Schueller, sophomore: “Friends and a more secure community and sports and opportunities there are.”