Academy Chatter: What is your favorite go-to fast food place?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

Tim Turek, junior: “Chick-fil-A because it has the best food and shakes, and it’s closed on Sunday for Kanye.”

Jack Kress, senior: “Chick-fil-A because I appreciate the consistently excellent service and phenomenal quality of food, for a fast food restaurant of course.”

Eddie Noble, junior: “My favorite fast food place is WingStop–giving a good bang for your buck on a late night.”

Tyler Juneau, junior: “Culver’s because their food is really good, and they support local dairy farmers.”

Izzy Spaulding, junior: “Burger King since I don’t eat meat, but they have vegetarian burgers that are super good and taste real.”

Dennis Guo, senior: “McDonalds because their apple pies are good, and solid smoothies. I like their fish burger too.” 

Bridget Kapic, senior: “Chick-fil-a because its finger lickin’ good.”

Olivia Cullen, senior: “Chick-fil-a because I love their chicken, fries and cookies and cream milkshakes.”

Ben Smet, senior: “The Brummel residence, for the atmosphere.”

Katherine Fangman, senior: “Chipotle because I love that the ingredients are fresh.”

Lydia Sladek, senior: “Probably Culvers because they accommodate my food allergy.”

Erik Sladky, senior: “It probably has to be Schlotzsky’s Deli because they have the best 10-inch cheese pizza in the city of Green Bay. It also happens to be in a very convenient location!”

Michael Pack, senior: “Chick-Fil-A. It tastes good.”

Hana Reitz, senior: “Chipotle because I like the burrito bowls.”

Evan Skaletski, senior: Either Sam’s Club samples because they are so cheap or Hometown Cafe because they have the best liver and onions! Yum!”

Joel Meglic, senior: “Kwik Trip because I can just grab food and go. And it’s cheap.”