A High Schooler’s Guide to Concerts

Mattea Vecera, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Listening to your favorite band or performer live is an experience unlike any other. With 2019 coming to a close, 2020 is sure to be packed with great concerts. 

Although Green Bay doesn’t have many major music events other than the occasional Lambeau performances, cities such as Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis are in driving distance and offer many popular performers throughout the year.

Whether it is at a big arena, an outdoor festival, or even a small, crowded room, it’s important to be prepared.

I have been fortunate enough to attend many concerts (by saving up all of my birthday and Christmas money), and looking forward to an upcoming concert date is what always gets me through whatever else is going on in my life. As a result of this, I’ve picked up a few tips to make the experience better. 

    1. Go with friends! It is much more fun (and safer) to be there with friends who will be screaming to the songs alongside you. Also, make sure that you have a meeting spot for when the concert is over, just in case you get separated and your phone dies.
    2. Don’t waste time taking pictures of videos with your phone. You’re only going to remember staring at the screen and trying to get the perfect shot, not the actual concert. It’s also frustrating having to watch a performance through a flurry of phones. 
    3. Read the venue’s website ahead of time. There you can find the show time, when the doors open, the carry-in policy, and more important things to prepare for the day of the concert. 
    4. Always bring water. Especially if you’re in the mosh pit for a more hype concert, you will get dehydrated from sweating fast. Some venues will allow you to bring in one sealed bottle, so take advantage of that rather than waiting in line and spending $5 inside of the venue. Also, have a snack before so you won’t have an empty stomach.
    5. Bring cash. It’s always good to have a little bit of money, just in case of an emergency. Cash is always a safe option for any venue, but some do take card. It also will come in handy if you want to buy any concert-exclusive merch.
    6. Be mindful of your outfit choice. The venues get extremely hot and having heavy clothing will make it unbearable. This gets most challenging in the Midwest winter temperatures, but sometimes it’s better to be comfortable in summer-type clothing for hours inside and cold for the short time outside than the opposite. 
    7. Stay out of the mosh pit if you don’t want to get hurt. And if you are, show up early (sometimes hours before doors open) and bear the line outside. If you’re short, I cannot stress this enough. At more rowdy concerts, people will be getting pushed around, some falling down, and others even passing out. 



If you haven’t ever been to a concert, I highly recommend saving up some money and making one happen in the new year. You will never forget seeing your favorite musical artist live or the countless memories made.