FYI: Interpreting, Understanding the Color-Coded Slips


Mattea Vecera, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

During almost every class period, an office worker delivers a slip to the teacher, and that slip is meant for a student in that class. Each of these is color-coded for a specific reason or meeting. This article clarifies each of the colored slips and what they mean. 

The Dreaded Blue Slip

When students see that flash of blue in the office worker’s hand, panic ensues. Around the room they whisper, “Is that a blue slip? Who’s it for? What did they do?” This blue slip is a pass to the office, usually calling for a meeting with Mr. Browne or Mr. Masarik. This rarely means anything good. Students who get this slip immediately rack their brains for anything that could possibly have gotten them into trouble. They try to prepare themselves by coming up with excuses and making sure they are in dress code. They wait anxiously until the time comes for them to leave class and face their fate. 

The Green Slip

This slip is a pass for Student Services, most likely for meeting with one of the counselors. Juniors and seniors are bound to receive these a couple of times for conferences with College Counselor Becky Bain. Don’t be scared of these slips. If anything, be thankful that you are excused from class for it.

The White Envelope

This one is the hardest to categorize because it could mean a few things. Best case scenario, it’s a birthday card from the President of NDA and a slip for one free treat from Konop. Worst case scenario, it’s a referral. However, most of the time the student knows that the envelope is for them and what for, as teachers rarely give out random referrals without speaking to the student first to make them aware. If it is a referral, prepare for the whole class to watch you open the letter and gossip about its contents. 

The Light Pink Slip of Joy

If you are given this one, you are lucky. Your day has just turned around. Everyone else is envious. This pink slip is your ticket to leaving school early. Whether that be for an appointment, an illness, or any other reason, it is arguably better than sitting in an uncomfortable desk in a cold classroom for any longer. We all love the pink slip.

Other than these slips given by office workers, there are others that students seek out themselves that may be useful to know.

The Yellow Pass

The lovely bright yellow pass lets you leave your study hall in a classroom or in the commons and go with your friends to the library. However, the librarians only give out a set amount for each period and some periods run out fast. If you want to ensure a pass, get to school early and ask before classes start. 

The Orange Pass

Like the yellow pass, this one lets you leave your study hall in a classroom or in the commons and go with your friends to Campus Ministry. There, students do homework, talk to Mr. Kriegl, play Uno, and much more. To the underclassmen: he’s a great guy, so getting one of these passes and creating that bond will definitely be beneficial to your high school experience!

The Dark Pink Pass

Although I’ve never seen one of these, Mr. Konshak informed me that this is a pass for Math Resource. Like the last two I mentioned, this one lets you leave your normal study hall to work with a math teacher in his classroom. If you need an extra math boost, make sure to talk to Konshak or one of the other teachers to learn what classroom it is held in during your study hall period.

Soon, there will be another slip (of an unknown color) that will be added to this list for Mr. Schultz’s office. Teacher and IB Coordinator, he is a busy man who has many meetings with students. Right now, his slips are light blue and are often confused with the Dreaded Blue Slip. This story will be updated accordingly when he changes the color.