Academy Chatter: What have you learned about yourself during social isolation?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Carolyn Brown, staff:  “I’ve discovered how easily I can become addicted to social media.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore: “I learned time management skills.”

Nick Bumgardner, sophomore: “I learned that I am better at chess than my dad.”

Chris Charles, sophomore: “I have learned that I can’t ration food.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “I learned I know how to waste a lot of time on YouTube.”

Tyler Neveau, sophomore: “Well, I learned that missing school isn’t so fun after all.”

Jordan Bellmund, senior: “That I’m ready for college.”

Joel Meglic, senior: “I like my own schedule and being less controlled.”

Izzy Spaulding, junior: “I can get extremely unmotivated and forget how to keep doing normal things without a schedule.”

Garrett Grzesk, junior: “I get bored easily.”

Helena Parmar, senior: “I can stay up until 8 a.m.”

Sophia Schauer, sophomore: “I learned the importance of being healthy.”

Evan Skaletski, senior: “If I create a routine of when I usually do things, for example, work out in the afternoon, it is way easier to follow and accomplish everything.”

Breanna Van Dreel, senior: “I learned that I actually really like cooking and helping with yard work, I can run on 40 minutes of sleep, and I eat when I’m bored.”

Olivia Stefl, sophomore: “I learned that I can’t motivate myself to do things like work out.”

Alex Roach, senior: “I’m a heavy sleeper.”

Alex Lamere, senior: “That I actually miss school.”

Alex Broullire, senior: “I have learned that I like toast a little bit burnt.”

Emily Cribben, senior: I have found that I learn a lot better when I am in a class listening to a teacher rather than teaching myself.”

Chloe Greenwood, senior: “I get bored really easily.”

Henry Wied, senior: “Literally nothing.”

Maggie Otradovec, senior: “I’ve learned that I’m more than ready to go college.”

Owen Brummel, senior: “I hate the feeling of laziness.”

Emily Landwehr, senior: “I enjoy school a lot more than I thought I did.”

Kennedi Turriff, junior: “I can only bake cookies.”

Gioia Cumicek, senior: “I have learned that I need to work on my procrastination.”

Howie Gerstner, senior: “I’m a better rapper than I had previously thought.”

Leya Abujamra, senior: “I have learned that I get a lot more done on my own if I keep a schedule and stick with it.”

Max Hennigan, senior: “I have learned that I’m content being alone.”

Cathy Baeten, senior: “I’ve learned that I’m actually a pretty good baker.”

Charlotte Van Den Heuvel, junior: “I like people more than I thought.”

Chris Mitchell, sophomore: “I have plenty to do at home and don’t get bored.”

Emilie Dice, sophomore: “There’s a lot more to watch on Netflix than I thought.”

Katherine Fangman, senior: “I am really good at procrastinating.”

Fritz Sehring, senior: “I’ve learned that even if I’m given endless free time, I still don’t want to do stuff like homework.”

Hana Reitz, senior: “That my friends make life exciting.”

Michael Hummel, senior: “That I have nothing to do at home.”

Hayden Kapalin, senior: “I have learned that I can put my mind to something, but it takes time and commitment, and I’m a bigger fan of gaming now than ever.”