Academy Chatter: Where do you see yourself 10-15 years from now?

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Chris Charles, junior: “l have no idea where I will be in 10 years. I take life one step at a time.”

Ethan Crane, sophomore: “I don’t know where I see myself 10-15 years down the line. I’d hope I’ve found a profession that I enjoy doing, something that utilizes my math and writing skills and gives me enough time to enjoy life on the side. There’s a lot of time before then, though, so I have a lot of opportunities to discover myself and try to pave a path to my future.”

Joey Bonadonna, junior: “Working for an NFL team.”

Felix Neta, junior: “I have no clue.”

Triston Behrend, junior: “Fifteen years from now I see myself working in the medical field.”

Nick Bumgardner, junior: “Fifteen years from now, I hope to see myself as a lawyer in Washington D.C.”

Elizabeth Williams, junior: “Married to a professional hockey player.”

Max Rader, junior: “In the NFL.”

Caden Capomaccio, junior: “I’m not sure, either playing post college for baseball or in business.”

Connor Willadsen, junior: “I’ll probably work as a financial adviser.”

Hannah Bressers, senior: “In 10 to 15 years i will hopefully be living my best life! By then my goal is to travel to at least 10 countries.”

Cristina Flores, senior: “I see myself being an early education teacher and having a family of my own.”

Jenny Ai, senior: “Get out of graduate school and be one of the most successful people on the planet.”

Charlie Rickards, junior: “Single, living in my parents’ basement with an unstable job.”

Evie Rickards, sophomore: “I see myself living in Paris, studying art.”