Academy Chatter: What are teachers doing well when it comes to virtual teaching?

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Ethan Crane, sophomore: “Teachers have done a good job of adapting to the new technology and being empathetic toward us students. They’ve been able to understand that learning from home can be stressful and tiring. Between giving short brain breaks, not assigning excessive homework, and keeping their lessons engaging, teachers have been selflessly making this experience a little better for the students.”

Sean Manning, junior: “Teachers are always working to keep class engaging.”

Triston Behrend, junior: “I think that teachers are doing a good job in making sure that they’re still interacting with students, even if that’s more difficult in a virtual setting.”

Nick Massabni, junior: “They are doing a good job keeping everything in control and attempting to make the classes seem as if they were in person.”

Nick Bumgardner, junior: “Teachers have done a great job making the most of a tough situation by being very accessible online for their students.”

Sam Gille, junior: “A lot of my teachers are being really understanding with the whole virtual thing and they make it easy to reach out to them for help.”

Will Zellner, senior: “I feel that most of my teachers are organized and most of the time we all feel what we are supposed to be doing.”

Maria Hanes, senior: “They make it very easy to communicate with them. Many of my teachers also keep us engaged with the lessons by allowing us to contribute our thoughts.”

Matt Schumacher, senior: “I think that the overall adaptation has been good because it can’t be an easy transition so I think they’ve been handling that well.”

Grace Del Frate, sophomore:I think teachers are doing well at pacing our classes and not giving out an overwhelming amount of homework. Many of them have been very patient and understanding knowing we are all trying to adjust to virtual learning and balance our own home lives.”

Soo-Yin Brown, junior: “When they give breaks during the class period and post all assignments on google classroom.”

Sammy Treml, senior:  “Ms. Fredrick gives us breaks and tells us what we are doing in class right away. Her google classroom is very organized so that makes it not as stressful. She is always in a good mood and always so cheery and that makes her class fun to be in.”    

Katie Vercauteren, junor: “With Mr. Alexander it seems like we are in-person class together. He makes class fun and if you get a question wrong, he doesn’t make you feel horrible. He sees your perspective and it’s awesome!”

Fredrique Vermeij, international student: “That they are being flexible with deadlines for assignments.” 

Anna Schueller, junior: “They are doing well with staying organized regarding attendance and having solid lesson plans.”

Sophia Schauer, junior: “Mrs. Frederick and Mr. Alexander, both of their google classrooms are very organized and they give breaks. They are staying so positive through this time.”

Skylar Schultz, junior: “They’ve improved a lot in general on Zoom. Some of them even figured out how to turn on their microphones!”
Ismael Quezada, junior: “I think they are excelling at keeping up with the large number of students and with grading, Also with transferring their classes from in person to online.”
Lilly Steber, junior: “Teachers are doing pretty good with online learning, I agree with Ismael as well, I think that they are getting better/improving at virtual learning.”
Abby Hofacker, junior: “They are taking time to help answer questions you have about material you might not understand. They are also being flexible if you are having technology issues.”
Brooklyn Onell, senior: “Teachers have done a lot better with giving us breaks during the long 80-minute classes”

Alondra del Rio, senior: “Teachers have been more interacting compared to online school last spring.”