Academy Chatter: What Are Your Thoughts on the Return-to-School Schedule?

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Grace Gunville, junior: “The schedule is a bit confusing with different schedules and different days. Not having Wednesdays off is affecting me negatively, but I am enjoying this new semester.”

Ruth Schlumpf, senior: “I think that we should just have people who are fully virtual or people who are fully in school.” 

Kennedi Turiff, senior: “I prefer the 4-period days rather than the 8-period days because I don’t feel as stressed compared to it. It is nice to get a break to do the first four classes homework after that day than the last four the next day.”

Simon Dvorak, senior: “School is a bit rough right now with all the rules and conduct, but in all honesty they are doing a great job with what they’re given.”

Melanie Burnell, senior: “For me the schedule is perfectly fine. I like the fact we have lunch in the middle of the day. My only problem is with the 80-minute classes; they feel so long.” 

Alexandra Mach, junior: “It is all so weird, the new schedule is confusing, and I usually have to ask my friends what schedule is on what day! I miss having Wednesdays off; they were a much needed break.” 

Chloe Forbes, senior: “Honestly, I do not mind it. I really enjoy being able to leave school earlier than normal.” 

Katie Peters, senior: “I think the semester is going good so far, although it is difficult to remember all the new protocols and schedules. Also, some of the teachers are doing a wonderful job of staying organized.

Adam Brada, junior: “I’m not really for the whole thing but it is what it is. I feel like having 3 different options for the students is a lot not only for us but for the teachers and parents and it just gets super confusing sometimes. I think there could be a better way to establish all this. I just hope it gets better, and we get into the groove of things faster and more efficiently.”

Faith Frelich, junior: “As someone who is full in-person I think everything has been going very smoothly, and I’m happy to be back! I just hope we get to have prom and hopefully go to football games!”

Elizabeth Williams, junior: “I believe that as a school we need to safely return to normal. Being in person is half of the high school experience. Whether it’s the social aspect or the educational aspect, I think a small part in all of us wants to be back to normal.”

Molly Kukiela, junior: “I think it’s going pretty good so far, and I appreciate the effort that the teachers and the custodians are doing to make us all safe.”

Ethan Wall-Atim, sophomore: “I am sort of indifferent about the issue. Personally I am fine with any because I think that they both have equal pros and cons. But for other people I would understand that in-person or virtual may impact their grade.”