Take Advantage of All Fall Fest Offers


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Fall Fest Week means a week of special dress, special service projects and special class competitions. Organized by Student Government, the week is the culmination of much planning by advisers, student government members and volunteers from the student body who have organized the TGB competition.

The Fall Fest dance, scheduled for Saturday night, is traditionally one of the biggest dances at Notre Dame. Many of the seniors have missed having this event and are excited to experience the normalcy of an all-school dance. 

Freshmen are new to this week of activities, and seniors have advice for them. When you go to the dance, they say, bring sneakers. This way you don’t have to wear heels or go barefoot.

Just have a good time. You don’t always have to have a date. Go with your friends if you need to,” said Tyler Neveau.

Also, do not be shy about the dress-up days. When you participate, it is much more fun. 

Senior Anna Lippert helps out with the TGB competition. She emphasized TGB shows everyone’s different skills and provides an opportunity for advisories to get involved and compete.

Another traditional part of Fall Fest Week is Powderpuff, which will actually take place the week after next. 

‘I‘m super excited for Powderpuff,” said senior Abby Haase.  “It’s always a good time and brings a lot of laughs. I will probably be on the sidelines for most of it, but I will cheer hard.” 

Obviously, the whole week is fun. However, the most popular events are generally the dance and TGB.  Freshmen, like Emily Kukiela, look forward to having a good time with friends.

I am looking forward to PowderPuff!” she said.

For many of the freshmen, TGB and PowderPuff help them feel included. It allows them to see what NDA is truly about. Even if they are not as involved as upperclassmen, it will show them our true spirit.