Final Thoughts on Soccer Season


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year the Notre Dame Tritons made it to state and took home the silver ball. They stepped up to the challenge and had a fantastic and thrilling season. However, they encountered difficulties at state and along the journey. 

Throughout state, the boys had to play the best game and had to stop some exceptional players. In addition, the team had to suppress nerves and manage the large crowds. They had to manage injuries throughout the games and had to play games within hours of each other. Nevertheless, they were able to step up to the challenge and accomplish a great achievement. 

They were able to get to the state final not only due to their teamwork and their determination. The soccer team was able to create a bond and form a family. This allowed for trust and formed a strong relationship. 

“The effort and focus players put in all season long. Our goal since we started over the summer was to win a state championship and every practice we put in the focus and energy to get better to get us there. These guys have worked very hard, and I think that hard work brought them together to make them the best team they could be,” said Mr. Prudisch. 

The support of the fans at state made a big difference in the team. Their energy provides motivation for the boys. With the support around, they were determined to win for them, as well as for their teammates. Their reinforcement definitely helped in the bigger games like state. 

In addition to state being one of the boys’ favorite parts of the season, there were other spectacular parts of the season. This included scoring a goal against Preble, beating Seymour in the playoffs and defeating McFarland, who had eliminated them last year.

Probably scoring both goals when we played Seymour just because I was not feeling great and I came off the bench and scored two,” said John Sack in explaining his season’s highlight.

Like every tournament, there is something individuals would do differently. For the coaching staff, they would have more practices. From the players’ perspective, they would come home with the gold ball and listen to their bodies when something is not right.

“Bring the same mentality to every game,” mentioned Jacob Limoni.

Throughout the season the players have become more than teammates. They have formed a family. The soccer team has done amazing things this year, and Notre Dame is proud of what they have accomplished. 

“If I could say anything to my teammates it would be ‘thank you.’ I am so proud of our team and my teammates. They gave everything they had throughout all four years and I could not have asked for a better four years. The memories and friendships that I made with my teammates will last forever. We had some great runs in the playoffs and those experiences I am so grateful to be a part of with them,” said Connor Handrick.


Other words from the team:

If you could say anything to your teammates, what would you tell them?

Coach Prudisch: “This was one of the best teams in Triton Soccer history and it has been a pleasure to coach them. I would say thank you for all of their effort, focus and hard work they put into this season, and a special thank you to the seniors for being great role models to the younger players. I know we came short of our goal and our season is not defined by one game, but we accomplished a lot this year and we have a lot to be proud of.”

Jacob Limoni: “You guys are ferda.”

John Sack: “Thanks for a great three years.”