Upperclassman Gives Advice for Final Exams


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the changing of the seasons from fall into winter comes the excitement of the upcoming week-long winter break. This excitement, however, can sometimes be hindered by the finals that immediately precede it. 

As a freshman and sophomore, finals always seemed very intimidating and stressful to me. This feeling was amplified by the fact that I had never had anything close to finals at my middle school, and that I was taking what were, in freshman year, considered the “difficult” classes.

Although I may have felt this way in the past, I am now ready to explain to the current freshmen that these tests are not worth stressing over with proper preparation. 

Firstly, it is important to take note of all of the opportunities available to you when preparing for finals. Study tables are a great option if you are looking for help or a quiet place to work. Lots of students have benefited positively from them and they are a perfect place to study for your finals.

What I benefited from most was an assignment given to me by Mrs. Hearden in my Intro to Chemistry and Physics class in which we were tasked with gathering information about our finals from every teacher. This included info along the lines of “how much is your final worth,” and “is it a cumulative test or a chapter review.” Luckily, the school seems to be following suit with a similar assignment being given by advisory teachers. 

Bugging every teacher about their final that is still weeks away might feel like a pain, but it is definitely worth the effort if utilized correctly. Getting this info allows you to more easily structure your studying, making it significantly easier and less stressful. 

In reality, most finals are simply larger tests that you have been taking all year and it is important to treat them as such. For most tests, if you truly know the material it will show in your grade.

While around 20% may seem like a massive portion of your grade, it really isn’t. Even if you achieve a C or a B on a test, you can still achieve a semester grade of a B or maybe even an A depending on how you are currently doing in the class.

It is also important to recognize that, while stressful, finals week can be an exciting time for a newcomer. I always felt a feeling of freedom within the extended passing times in-between finals during which I could talk to friends or eat. 

After all of your tests are done, you will get the opportunity to throw school out of your mind for a while and focus on your hobbies, family and friends. Keep in mind that all the work you are doing now will allow you to take pride in your accomplishments over the holiday break.