Joey Bonadonna’s Wrap-up for the Class of 2022

Joey Bonadonna, Sports Editor, Online Tritonian

Over the past few years you’ve come to know me as the sports editor for the Tritonian, weekly reporter for Joey’s Sports Corner and broadcaster of Triton Sports Network, sharing  many magical moments from our student athletes. Today I bring you the highlights from another one of my favorite teams: the Class of 2022, in the only way that makes sense to me – as a football game. Four years. Four quarters. One amazing finish.


First quarter started off slow. As the rookies on campus, we all came in not really knowing the playbook. We took some hits and did as the veteran upperclassmen told us, even if that meant squeezing the largest freshman class into the smallest two rows at the top of the student section, all the while trying to save one of us as they passed out from dehydration in our first 100-degree game of the football season. But we persevered. Cheered each other on. Figured out the game plan of how to win at Notre Dame Academy. “Be Catholic and Excellent” was our rallying cry driven home to us by our fearless leader Mr. Browne. With that in mind, we moved on to our sophomore year with what seemed like a lot of playing time left: the second quarter.


In that second quarter, we learned that the new freshmen definitely did not listen to their older classmates as much as we did. But as we navigated through Mr. Lagerman’s theology class and Honors Bio with Mrs. Hollenback (I say we, but I may or may not have dropped that class two weeks into the school year. Congrats to those that made it.) We really started to get into the rhythm of the game. Then, the world had different plans for Notre Dame. As we approached March of 2020,  I can’t think of anything worse that could have happened that month. All three winter sports teams lost in the playoffs in three consecutive days. But in all seriousness, COVID was a game changer with no rules for how to play. 

So as we were quickly thrown into the world of Google Classroom and that stupid cat we saw every time we tried to log into PowerSchool Learning. Every sense of the rhythm and timing we had built came to a screeching halt. It was halftime. 


The third quarter, our junior year, began and we were all back together again. And then, as quickly as it started, we were sidelined – back into the world of Google Classroom, Zoom and that stupid cat again. Luckily, PowerSchool Learning was swiftly phased out and many of us probably forgot that cat existed until I brought it up just now. But even in that time of online and hybrid learning, we were all going through it together, even while apart. We were actually never more connected as a class than at that point. We had come to the realization of what we really wanted: to see each other again.


So the fourth and final quarter – our senior year – and finally, we were back together for the home stretch. This class was battle-tested and prepared for the worst, including seeing someone in a tight red bodysuit at Academy Awards. 


So this is it, team. The end of the game is upon us. As the confetti falls to the ground, someone might ask you, “What are you going to do next?” As much as I wish we could all say “I’m going to Disney World” right now, we each get to decide our path from here. Whatever it is, be Catholic and excellent.