Boys Soccer Loses 1-0 in State Semi-Final

Madison Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA boys soccer team was fortunate enough to make a journey to state this year with a team that included 13 seniors.

Senior Captain Evan Watzka, said, “Coming into the season with as many seniors as we had was a unique situation. We knew one another’s strengths and abilities and had one goal in mind, state. Although the season did not end the way many of us had hoped, it is a journey I know none of us will forget.”

Senior goalkeeper Charlie Parish said, “It was a new experience for me being a captain and having to try and lead a team with so many seniors on the team. I definitely could tell the difference between our team last year and this year as far as having a sense of urgency and more of a will to win games knowing this was our last shot at it.”

The boys’ run to state in the playoffs was truly one to remember. Before every game, they would get pumped up listening to music, thanks to senior Cameron Knight.

“It was definitely cool to see everyone laying it out on the line for every ball,” Parish said. “It made for a fun two weeks.”

Parish’s favorite saves during the season came in a penalty shootout against one of their rivals, Xavier. He was able to save four out of their four shots to help win the game. This was definitely a confidence booster for him and the team. Also, NDA beat their rival once again in the sectional finals game with a score of 3-1.

The team’s goal coming into the season was to win state, and unfortunately they came up a little short.

Nevertheless, it was a fun season filled with ups and downs. The great memories trump the disappointing end to the season.

Coach Bob Rickards was pleased that his team made it to state after struggling through the middle of the schedule.

Unfortunately, Rickards and the team had to say farewell to assistant coach Brian Gerondale halfway through the season.

Rickards said, “Coach offered the players a different perspective or another ear. This is what makes a program successful, a team’s ability to get everyone on the same page through any communication piece. Coaches help filter that information and it’s different for each player.”

Rickards expressed how he loves coaching at NDA and how he really tries to make it a memorable experience for every player. This season was truly a memorable experience for every player that got to be a part of the team.