Boys Soccer Team Playing With a Hunger for Gold Ball


From left to right: Erik Sack, Emmett Lawton, Garett Watzka, and Connor Handrick

Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Senior leadership has been a major reason for the success of the boys soccer team.

 Several of these leaders will go off to play after graduation. Two who specifically want to play in college are Adam Brada and Connor Handrick. Not only are these two turning heads, but so are some other individuals. 

Others  drawing attention are juniors Erik Sack, John Sack, Emmet Lawton, Ian Noble and freshman Keegan Maxfield. 

Right now the NDA boys soccer team is ranked second in division two. 

“We are getting results, but there hasn’t been a game yet where I would say we completely dominated the competition. We haven’t been at our best yet, but I believe we will get better and better throughout the season,” said Erik Sack.

For most of the upperclassmen, this is a big deal and it is their focus. Since the team lost in the state finals last year, the grudge or hunger keeps them going. Many of the seniors are driven by the goal of winning the gold ball.

“The people on the team. . .we get along and it makes all the bus rides and practices a lot more enjoyable,“ said Garret Watzka.

Being so close to the championship last year was heartbreaking but, in the long run, made them closer as a team. There are many members on the team who have close relationships, but there are two players that are closer than friends. 

The Sack twins have played together their whole lives. This definitely helps with team chemistry. They both know how the other plays and are aware of what their twin is doing. 

The team has major competition ahead of them in order to trade their trophy in for gold. One of their toughest competitors is Verona.

“Our team just recently played Verona. Though we lost 1-2, it was the closest we’ve ever been to them in competition,” explained Watzka.

“In conference, our best competition is always going to be Bay Port, De Pere and Preble.  In our division, it is probably Shorewood. We beat Shorewood last year in the state semis, but they are very good and have kept a lot of the same players,” Erik Sack said. 

Team captains are Watzka and the Sack twins. Not only have these three played an important role on the team but so has senior Alex Schwitzer, who recently suffered a broken arm during practice.