Boys Soccer Headed to State!


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The boys soccer team will compete in the state soccer tournament at Uihlein Soccer Park in Milwaukee on Friday. They will be playing at 1:30 p.m. as one of four finalists in Division 3. 

School will be dismissed at 11 a.m. for students and staff to travel south and support the team.  A fan bus is being organized for 50 students.

“On Sunday morning, Coach Prudisch and I and the three other coaches from those teams are on a conference call. Each team has three minutes to summarize their seasons. They talk about the strength of schedule, the quality wins, the close games, the wins against ranked opponents, and why they should get the #1 seed. Once each team has spoken, the coaches from both Division 3 and Division 4 vote to see who will be the #1 seed in the State tournament. The way the seeding went was that Notre Dame was ranked #2 out of the four and will play the #3 seed, McFarland,” explained athletic director  Matt Koenig.

This year has been difficult for everyone, but one of the thrills for the boy’s soccer team is being able to have a season. Not only this, but seeing all their hard work pay off is one of the major highlights.

The thrill was an exciting feeling last year, but it’s something more than that for all of us returning this year. It feels good to be a part of such an accomplished team, and we aren’t taking anything for granted this time around,” said junior Emmett  Lawton.

Last year, NDA lost to McFarland at state finals.  This year, the team is going back for revenge. In addition, the soccer team has stepped up their game to the next level. 

There are certain individuals to watch out for. This season, Ian Noble is hungry for goals, along with all of the seniors. In addition, people should watch the movement of the ball. It is a fluid motion and then the ball goes into the net.

They should watch for the other teams crying as we send them home,” exclaimed Erik Sack.

There are many reasons that this soccer season is different. The chemistry is outstanding, from team brunches and dinner. Each player plays to benefit others. In the end, every individual is a vital person to their success. 

“We have a huge senior class that have played together since JV and now growing up and being able to make a state run with this same team is unique,” said Alan Schneider.

Why head to Milwaukee and support the team?

“Because we are cool, fun guys and if you get to know us, you can see how nice we are too,” said Erik Sack.