Boys Basketball Team Begins Year with Confidence

Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

A new exciting season has just begun. The boys’ basketball team started their year with their new head coach Brian Bobinski. 

The players and coach have high expectations for this season. They hope to continuously improve, and, most of all, have a fun season, making it to the state championship.

“Hopes and expectations for this season are to beat DePere, so our new coach Bobinski can get some bragging points against his old team, finish top three in the conference and hopefully make a run in the playoffs,” said senior Keegan King. 

Many things are going to make the boys’ basketball team successful, including role models on the team who guide first-year players. The seniors make the atmosphere ten times better and make the team successful on the court. The players can work together to protect their shots and defense. 

“A lot of hard work from the coaches, Mr. Koenig, all the players. Just everyone working together to get through the season,” added senior John Nolle. 

A few individuals to watch during the basketball season are Luke Warden, Andrew Rader and Max Rader, all of whom will be able to dunk. In addition, Chris Mitchell and King are significant assets to the team. Finally, Daniel Hornacek had a fantastic football season and will hopefully have a tremendous basketball season as well. 

“It will be great to have fans back in the gym on a full-time basis. We are looking forward to having a loud and excited student section.  Their fellow students make the playing experience even better for the boys and allow them to play harder and with more enthusiasm. It is great to have our great fans back in the gym supporting our team. For our players to achieve the highest success they can, they will have to work hard, and they will have to be coachable. They will have to support each other and play for one another, which are all tough things to do but things that are very achievable for us,” explained Coach Bobinski. 

This program is unique from others. With a lot of seniors on the team, the team leadership is  outstanding. In addition, many of the players are multi-sport athletes, and it will be fantastic to watch them succeed in basketball.. 

“Daniel Horncek, he’s just a goofball. He is unique himself. He is a hilarious guy,” said Braedon Curtin, another  senior on the team..

What makes this team truly unique is the father and son duo. They try to stay out of each other’s hair, and Mr. Bobinski wants his son to have an average high school experience. 

“I don’t see him that much because freshmen are in a completely different gym, and I don’t practice with him. So, I don’t see him a lot, and it’s definitely different. When he was the golf coach, I was used to it for my whole life because he has been my golf coach my whole life. Basketball is just different because it is something I am not used to, but it hasn’t really affected anything yet,” said Thomas Bobinski, a freshman.

One major asset to the team is Joey Bonadonna. Their manager does a lot for the team and helps the boys to improve. Most importantly, he has become part of their family.